Hogs Find Momentum in Second Half, Now Focused on Texas – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-09-05 21:50:12 –

Fayetteville, Arkansas — The first half was sometimes hard to see, but it was a great day on the hills of Fayetteville.

Arkansas is back in full operation, and the announced crowd of 64,065 was excited to play against Rice, the enemy of the old Southwest Conference.

It went as expected as two former offensive line coaches wanted to impose their will on the opponent’s defense, but it wasn’t the most anticipated timeline.

Rice was able to take advantage of some early razorback mistakes and led the ugly game in half of 10-7.

They extended the lead to 17-7 and the stadium was quiet. Later, Arkansas found the rhythm of the attack, and KJ Jefferson looked like a quarterback that fans expected.

The game was drawn 17 and in the fourth quarter, the razorback defense was strengthened, three interceptions were forced, the offense was transformed and the victory was 38-17.

It was as disjointed as the first half of the attack, so I found the rhythm in the second half.

What razorback fans see in the heat is the shades of Auburn’s game. Rice players cramped every few plays to stop the attacking momentum of Arkansaw, who prefers up-tempo style.

Arkansas ran the ball authoritatively against a large defensive front, with Trailon Smith and KJ Jefferson both rushing a 102-yard Yach, but Jefferson marked the century after a few sack. It fell below.

The freshman running back on the Raheim “Rocket” Sanders appeared to be nothing more than a freshman, flashing speed and power on his debut, averaging over 6 yards in seven attempts.

Overtaking games stagnated and Jefferson often went missing on sloping routes.

He finished 12/21 at 128 yards and threw an unlucky throw for touchdowns and passcuts.

Defensively, Arkansas looked sturdy and held a string rushing forward up to just over two yards per carry.

Arkansas played without starting the defensive end ridgeway that was out after appendectomy this week.

They also played without the SEC-leading tackler at Grant Morgan. Grant Morgan was sent off with a suspicious targeting call in the second series.

He was the recipient of the targeting call in the fourth quarter, so there will be no bumper pool in the first half of next week.

Sam Pittman was honest at the press conference, saying that pass games and mental errors are all coaching and dealt with.

“We didn’t play well at all. In the first half we did everything that could make a mistake. There were many penalties. Lots of drops. In the first half, the defense did a really good job. they [Rice] I couldn’t get the first down, so I had a field position all the time. We couldn’t play well at all. However, since I came back in the second half, I was able to catch the ball a little better, although there were too many penalties. KJ started playing some, I thought the rush had reached their quarterback a bit, and he threw us some big intercepts. There are many points that need to be improved. I told the team that I would face adversity, but I didn’t know it would be the whole first half. Acknowledge Rice’s achievements, they were really ready and did a great job. I’m very happy to win, but I didn’t play a very good soccer team today, so I need to get better. “

It’s easy to say that state-wide attention was directed to next week’s Texas match. In fact, everyone has already circled the game on the calendar long ago.

The university has been selling only a limited number of standing room seats since Monday and is currently confirmed to be sold out.

SEC Gameday participates and the atmosphere is electrical. It will be sold out for the first time since the large-scale stadium expansion.

In addition to the game flare, there are announcements that Texas and Oklahoma will be attending the conference.

Arkansaw fans want the game to be an annual event and regain a new hateful rivalry from the Southwest Conference.

Texas will open as a 6-point favorite, but if the environment is as expected, it should entertain you to the final whistle.

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Hogs Find Momentum in Second Half, Now Focused on Texas Source link Hogs Find Momentum in Second Half, Now Focused on Texas

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