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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-09-22 21:53:38 –

Fayetteville, Ark-Arkansas did what they were supposed to do on Saturday. They stopped the run, improved in the pass game, and incorporated backups into the game for a quarter of the action. KJ Jefferson aired in a pass game with 366 yards and three touchdowns. This includes a 91-yard backbreaker to Trailon Burks.

The breakout in this week’s running game was Dominic Johnson, who rushed to score with 72 yards and just 5 carries. Arkansas pushed the will again and rushed to 285 yards and 3 scores. In advance, Ricky Stromberg received the SEC Lineman of the Week honor, and Pro Football Focus rated Stromberg as the SEC’s top center with an offensive rating of 77.3.

Now all attention is focused on the Southwest Classic slope to the No. 7 Texas A & M Aggie at the AT & T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This is the first time both teams have participated in the game since 2016, when Arkansas was 16th, as it was this season. Is it the year Arkansas finally defeated nine games in a row against Aggie? This is the key to my game.

Arkansaw’s defense must frustrate Zack Calzada:

Calzada appeared to have improved against Kent State University, but did not do much to the defense of Colorado, which was blown up by Minnesota, and its backup retreat. This razorback defense paved the way for a turnaround in a program that was in turmoil just two years ago. Expect Barry Odom to cast many different perspectives on Aggie’s attacks and bring more pressure than he saw in the first three games. Red shirt sophomore defensive back Jalen Catalon shines under this one light.

Limit mistakes:

The game is expected to be close, and history has shown us that the game is close, even when Arkansas was a major vulnerable person. This can result in the person with the fewest mistakes. In the opening round against Rice, Pork took too many penalties, including two targeting calls. Since then, they have been cleaning up and focusing on their play.

Arkansas Run vs Aggie’s Defense:

No one expects Arkansas to come in and keep pace more than 240 yards above the ground. However, you need to establish a running game with KJ Jefferson and a running back stable that has been the focus so far. Texas A & M is the strongest defense Arkansas has faced, and Hoggs needs to establish a physical presence early, as two aggressive linemen, including Stromberg, have recovered from their injuries.

This game should be in contrast to the previous close quarters of the series, which were all high-scoring incidents. This should come to the point where quarterbacks can play the most against tight defenses. I think spreads (A & M -5.5) and over / under (47.5) are too high for a game of two teams who prefer to accumulate the first down and control their possession time.

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Hogs Rolling into Arlington for Ranked Matchup Against Ags Source link Hogs Rolling into Arlington for Ranked Matchup Against Ags

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