Holding Court. Sutton explodes as Broncos tame Jaguars – Denver, Colorado

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Jacksonville, Florida-Courtland Sutton worked in the shadows last year, embracing the loneliness of rehab. He shredded the ACL in the second game, giving him countless hours of surgery and waitrooms. It’s important for coaches to set an example of recovery, but it feels hollow for players.

Weekdays make a man, but Sunday defines him.

Two weeks after the season, Broncos remained undefeated and their former top offensive player regained his status on the sticky TIAA field. Teddy Bridgewater proved to be more accurate than the DNA test, and Denver won 23-13, giving Maybelline a special team misstep and numerous penalties, setting Sutton the best yard of his career. bottom.

As promised last week, Teddy became greedy, his unseat belt needed the danger of changing the outcome of the two completions to Sutton. Bridgewater remained stubborn in the third quarter. He was unable to connect with multiple deep strikes to Sutton in the first 20 minutes. As a result, Broncos returned to his home opener with Jets for the first time in more than .500 games, so he couldn’t get a hint.

Sutton finished with nine catches at 159 yards, breaking the previous high of 120 yards.

On the opening drive of the third quarter, Bridgewater faced 28th, 2nd and 7th. He lofted the rainbow to Sutton and covered 55 yards in play. After a while, tight-end Noah Fant scored a 12-yard pass, extending Broncos’ lead to 17-7. As Broncos’ defense miserable Trevor Lawrence, the results were determined for all intents and purposes.

Ball control defined the Broncos attack for the first two weeks. However, there may be times when you need to junk the mud flaps and hit the gas. Part 4 play, a 75-yard drive proved important.

Lawrence, the overall top pick, started the 5-7 game at 73 yards as Jaguar secured a 7-0 lead. He looked like a generational talent. For the rest of the game, he looked like a rookie and completed 7 of the next 26 passes at 45 yards. Broncos intercepted him twice. One from Kareem Jackson, one acrobatic catch by Patrick Sirtain II, who used a toe drag swag at his first career start.

Feeling calm in his pocket, Bridgewater finally connected with a deep strike and hooked up with Sutton on a 33-yard strike on his third attempt. Like the opener, bridge water has begun to penetrate the red zone. After a two-minute warning, he pushed Broncos 10-7 in his first play and found Tim Patrick wide open on a 12-yard score crossing route. Denver has led in half-time in the last two seasons with 6-1.

Bridgewater finished 26-34 with 328 yards and 2 scores.

This is the type of resilience that portrays this team differently. They germinated in the rain. As time went by and 10 points were still dominant, they knelt down.

It started to become unstable.

Jaguars, playing in front of other non-sold friends and family, created their own energy. Lawrence, a talent of the college generation, has shown patience and calm by doing what Broncos hasn’t done since 2019. Jaguars recorded a touchdown on their first possession. Lawrence opened up a one-on-one defense by choosing Kyle Fuller, who was the target of rough and illegal contact. Lawrence capped the drive to Marvin Jones Jr. with a beauty of 25 yards and dragged Fuller.

Broncos reacted after hitting his throat. Bridgewater remained efficient and finished 6-6 at 53 yards. Bridgewater was hit by a 16-yard sack in the Red Zone-there was a misunderstanding on the left side of the line-a submarine with a chance to touch down. Still, Broncos reduced the deficit to 7-3, with 26 seconds remaining in the first quarter. Staying in the game after punching is paramount on the road.

That’s why I’m playing beautifully. Denver needs something better.

Broncos received penalties for several special teams and their secondary was flagged twice in the first half. A fairly brutal 36-yard penalty against Sirtain II (Lawrence gave a pass when Josie Jewel attacked him) pushed Jaguar into the field goal range. In the second quarter, Broncos’ defense was strengthened and Josh Lambo scored a 52-yard field goal. The first year’s quarterback to begin against Big Fangio’s defense is 4-11.

Broncos is undefeated. It’s as easy as that. Yes, the strength of their schedule is ridiculous. But after five years without a playoff berth, you don’t have to apologize for winning on the road. It was a victory. Teddy then transformed from steady to greedy, leaving an optimistic view of Broncos Country and starving for competitors.

Chub suffers from frustration
The debut of Pro Bowler Bradley Chubb ended with frustration. Chub started after missing the opener due to an injury to his left ankle. He worked well until he got stuck and worsened his ankle in the second half of the second quarter. It was not clear how he hurt it. But he knelt down and slammed his hand on the grass. When Teddy Bridgewater spoke to him, followed by Courtland Sutton, he slowly walked towards the bystanders.

Chub was frustrated and slammed his helmet against the grass and was excluded from the match.

Chub and Von Miller have only played 20 games together since the former North Carolina State University star was drafted in 2018.

Broncos linebacker Josie Jewel hurt his left shoulder in the second quarter punt returner tackle. Justin Strunad replaced him. Jewel starred in tackling losses and a great electric shock that almost led to interception. …

Von Miller has three sack in the first two games. …

At his first start, Patrick Sirtain grabbed his first pick with an acrobatic catch, leaving 10:31 in the game. …

Kendall Hinton caught a 15-yard player in two minutes in the first half of his career, the first pass. Former Broncos emergency quarterback was rewarded with a promotion this week following Jerry Judy’s injury.

When Tim Patrick scored, he paid tribute to Judy for his wiggle dance celebration. …

Last week, critical to Urban Meyer, Delémont Jones received a personal foul for a late hit on Trevor Lawrence’s leg in the fourth quarter. …

Rookie Caden Sterns received a run in the Dime Package with Patrick Sirtain II moving to the starting lineup. He had a chance to cut a pass with a chip pass in the second half of the second quarter.

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