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RC Miller, Reporter

In just a few days, the Omaha-Loritzen staff are working hard to complete the exhibition at this year’s Holiday Poinsettia Show.

The display represents a festive living room with a huge rug made of poinsettia trees, fireplaces, pets, and various types of plants, Jenkins said Mia, marketing director at Lauritzen Gardens. It was.

“The 20-foot tree, for the first time at the beginning of the show, is composed of about 700 individual plants and is called the confetti tree. Poinsettia can be hard or spotted, but in different colors. “Mia said.

Bailey Riddick on the left and Victoria Sher Schaefer on the right are creating a cactus-made cat figure for this year’s Holiday Poinsettia Show at Lauritzen Gardens on Saturday, November 14, 2020.

Thousands of plants were specially grown for this event in the greenhouse, which began in June.

The event will be open to the public from November 21stst Until January 3rdrd, From 9:00 to 5:00 every day in 2021. This should be just enough time to see everything the show offers.

“Holiday shows are mainly held in the flower exhibition hall, which is a large room here, and the conservatory also has a seasonal atmosphere, with a family chill zone on the festival garden patio,” he said. Mia.

On the patio, families can buy their own smore kits to participate in several different games, or check out the gift shop to buy festive souvenirs, but before stopping, everyone is happy and healthy. Don’t forget to book a time frame to be during the holiday season.

The 100-acre outdoor section of the garden will also open, allowing people to explore the life of winter plants and animals.

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