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Holiday table decoration activities-New York Times

Whether you’re hosting guests or sharing a meal through Zoom, this Thanksgiving is worth dressing up your table to make your day special. Fallen leaves are a clear and nice decorative element, but if they die or are blown away, make some unique leaves from the accordion-folded paper.

Newsprint, a budget- and earth-friendly material, is thin and easy to fold, so you can make large leaves. Applying paper with acrylic paint will increase the strength. Scatter the individual leaves in the center of the table or heat-glue them to the ribbon to create a wreath. At the end of the vacation, close the leaves, fold them and pack them for next year’s use.

This technique has a fun and surprising element, and you can finally see the shape of the leaves. Once you have mastered these basics, create your own pattern. Test various triangles of squats or talls. Try creating a 1/4 circle template smoothly or with scallops.

Step 1. Paint

I’ll paint a few newspapers. If you want to see the newspaper, dilute the paint with water. Depending on the size, you can get 4-6 leaves from one sheet.

Step 2. Create a leaf shape

Cut a square piece of paper a few inches larger than the desired size of the leaf and fold it in half. Fold it to the left and draw your design using the freehand or template on the right.

For maple leaves, use this printable template as a guide to create a cardboard template and trace it on folded paper.

For almond-shaped leaves, to create without a template, you can draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other, or use this printable template as a guide.

After tracing the shape, cut the leaves.

Step 3. Fold

Open the paper and lay it down with the wide side up. Turn the paper over and fold the top (the top crease is 3/4 inch, but you can make it thinner or wider) and fold the entire paper with an accordion.

Step 4. Bend

Hold the fully folded paper as a strip and bend it at the existing center crease so that the ends fit together. each other.

Step 5. Tape

Tape both ends together from behind.

Step 6. Done

Wait for the leaves to spread and admire your handicrafts.

Holiday table decoration activities-New York Times

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