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Hollister announces “Good Vibras” to support Latin creators

Focused on Gen Z of Abercrombie & Fitch Hollister The brand announced on Thursday the launch of the first long-term program of its kind aimed at supporting the Latin creator community.

Launched on TikTok and Instagram with 16 up-and-coming Latin creators across the fashion, music and comedy disciplines, this collective represents six different Latin heritage sites-Hollister.

Called “Hollister Good Vibras,” Hollister works with Latin creators to develop social content and music while supporting creators’ growth and boosting their voice.

This collective is TikTok and Instagram, Represents six different Latin heritage sites.

The 2021 group includes Puerto Rican Latin artist Gale (@gale_oficial), a singer-songwriter known for writing hits by well-known artists such as: Serena Gomez, Christina Aguilera And Anitta; Brandon Perea (@brandonperea), actor, dancer, BMXer, recently Jordan Peel’s new film, NOPE, Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya. Cisco Viera (@ciscovieraa), a popular viral TikTok creator with a focus on Latin comedy.

As part of the initiative, the creators worked with Hollister to create the name “Good Vibras.” Collective combines this idea with the phrase “good atmosphere” to represent the positive and vibrant nature of both the Latin creator community and the Hollister brand.

In addition, to launch the program, Hollister partnered with creators on the rhythm of social media content to commemorate Hispanic Cultural Heritage Month starting September 15, and also created a bilingual TikTok Latin Pop / Hip Hop album. .. Produced by a collective music creator.

“As an artist, musician and creator, it’s always important to be able to share your identity and culture through music, fashion and songwriting. I’m honored to work with Hollister and take this opportunity to work with such a great team. Latin creators are proud of where we came from, but express who we are and what we represent, “Gale added.

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Hollister announces “Good Vibras” to support Latin creators

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