Holly Madison suffering from body dysmorphic disorder at Playboy Mansion

Holly Madison Spending time at Playboy Mansion made her honest about her suffering from body dysmorphic disorder.

“In a recent post, when I was looking for a photo of myself in a bunny costume, I came across that photo. It was when I was watching my play at a fashion show,” Oh, my god, I. Reminded me of a moment in my life when I thought, “I need to lose weight.” Madison, 41, Explained on TikTok Video on Sunday, June 25th with her photos from 2005.

Holly Madison on her Tik Tok. Courtesy Holly Madison / TikTok

model Wanted to start a conversation to help others Understand that their body dysmorphic disorder can be “off the chart” but should not allow it to affect them.

“Take some time and think about what you think about your body. Are you feeling bad about yourself and holding yourself back?” Madison asked the fans in a clip.

A former reality star star admitted that her view of the body at the time hindered her enjoyment of life.

“It’s not worth it. It’s not worth feeling bad about yourself. Similarly, we all want to improve about ourselves, but it’s not even worth the time to be miserable,” she said. Said.

Madison said he was “frightened” when he saw his picture because of how his mind reacted in the past.

Holly Madison talks about fighting body dysmorphic disorder at Playboy Mansion

Holly Madison. Mediapunch / Shutterstock

“”[I] I thought I had gained weight, I wasn’t on a diet, I thought my thighs were huge, and I thought, “I have to lose at least 5 pounds.” Roll in a mysterious direction The author remembered. “And it’s ridiculous. I look like a stick.”

Starring Madison Girl next door From 2005 to 2009 Following her time living in Playboy Mansion..She previously found her unhappy in her relationship with Hugh Hefner When Why she thanked him for not getting her pregnant..

“I had sex when I first fell into that situation and something came to my mind that first night. I like to break my boundaries and I’m not happy with it. Now I have to change this situation into something, “said a former Playmate in an episode of the” Call Her Daddy “podcast in April. “I was almost trapped in this box.”

Madison dated Hofner from 2001 to 2008.Founder of playboy Died in September 2017 at the age of 91..

Madison was married Pascal Rotera From 2013 to 2019, she shares her daughter Rainbow Aurora (8 years old) and son Forest Leonardo (4 years old). Hollies World Alum dated at a later date Ghost adventure host Zack BagansBut they said they would stop it in February.

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Holly Madison suffering from body dysmorphic disorder at Playboy Mansion

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