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Holt on 9/11 — ‘My time on this earth was scheduled to end’ – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt reveals details about the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC, but some may not have known.

In a series of tweets and one Facebook post, Holt is in debt to people on United Airlines Flight 93, and some analysts and terrorists who believe Holt is the Capitol itself go to Washington. I told you that I stopped. I was working for the Speaker of the House.

“Twenty years ago today, my time on Earth was going to end,” Holt wrote. “The coalition of madmen whose hearts were rotten by the message of political extremism and the dehumanization spent months planning the killings of thousands of Americans.”

Flight 93

Passengers on that flight felt that the plane had made a U-turn from the planned course. From in-flight mobile phones to family and friends, they learned that two planes had already collided with the World Trade Center building, and that the other planes were thought to have been hijacked as well.

They also learned that their flight was in orbit heading straight toward the Houses of Parliament at a distance of only 20 flights.

Due to the news and the weight of the risk, Flight 93 passengers decided to rush into the cockpit and regain control of the plane from the hijacker. Eventually, less than 200 miles from DC, some passengers entered the cockpit and fought the hijackers. However, they did not regain control of the plane nodding to the ground at full speed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Illustration of Wikimedia Commons.

Today, a monument was erected on the premises to honor those who stopped the deadly attack to save the country’s position of government.

Holt acknowledges the achievements of the 93 passengers for saving his normal work and the lives of thousands of people at the Houses of Parliament on September 11, 2001.

Are you targeting the Capitol?

There has been 20 years of debate over whether the terrorists who hijacked Flight 93 were targeting the White House or the Capitol, but there is compelling evidence that the Capitol is being targeted. ..

so Analytical piece In the Washington Post, veteran Washington journalist Bill Sternberg makes a compelling claim that the Capitol is the most likely target.

  • The two surviving plotters said the Capitol was the intended target, both before and after their capture.
  • A former FBI agent said he learned from the captured driver that bin Laden had mistakenly believed that the military had shot down Flight 93. Bin Laden is reported to have told one of his agents: The plane may have hit the big dome. “
  • The mall itself, where the Washington Monument points away, was a simple landmark to guide the plane straight to the west side of the Capitol.
  • The White House, about a block north of the mall, was difficult to find at high speed among many other buildings around it, but most were tall.

A former DCA air traffic controller and commercial pilot, Sternberg, took Sternberg in a flight simulator and showed him how to use the mall as a sighting device. A house embedded in a neighborhood surrounded by office buildings.

Holt’s office

Holt’s compliment on Saturday seemed to have completely purchased the theory that the Capitol was the target. He also believes that if the attack had been from the Potomac River down the mall to the west of the Capitol, he would not have been able to keep it alive.

The Speaker’s office overlooked some of the most striking parts of the Houses of Parliament leading to the Mall, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial on the other side.

If it was the target and the attack was successful, it would have given Holt a clear view of the plane when it collided with the Capitol.

“If you know the geography of the Capitol, Speaker’s office occupies a major real estate. At the dead center just below the dome, you can get a breathtaking view of the country’s capital.” Holt writes. “The National Mall was like a runway to a speaker’s desk, and my desk was about 20 feet from there. I knew what would happen if a commercial airliner hit the bullseye. It doesn’t require much imagination. “

“On the morning of 9/11, I reported to my job working in the US Capitol in the Speaker’s office, as usual. It was my first real job and I was seven months ago. I was starting. I was engaged to Rachel for 10 days. “

US Capitol
Westfront of the US Capitol where the mall ends. Courtesy of the architect of the Houses of Parliament. (sponsored)


It did not allow the most important developments to take place later in his life, such as ending his life, marrying his fiancé and having children today.

“Every time I share everything I do as a wife, children, and mayor, these are given to me by the people of Flight 93,” Holt wrote. “Twenty years after they died, this morning I was sitting in the gym watching my son play basketball. I got the chance because many sons and daughters were playing in front of vacant seats. I was able to.”

Holt honored Oklahoman, who was harming the day, and the first responder to New York to help with rescue and recovery efforts.

He then pointed out a sense of duty to live with gratitude to those who died on the day they probably saved his life.

“I am grateful to all the people who answered from our city, and as a husband and father, the flight that gave me all the moments I have had since then. I am especially grateful to the 93 heroes. I hope I have used that time well. I hope I always remember that every moment is a gift given at someone’s sacrifice. “

Death of Flight 93

Holt concludes his thoughts on 9 / ll with a list of people who died on Flight 93 to avoid a crash into the Capitol.


Captain Jason M. Dahl
First Officer Leroy Homer
Lorraine G. Bay
Sundi War Blood Show
Wanda Anita Green
CeeCee Ross Lyles
Deborah Jacobs Wales


Christian Adams
Todd M. Beamer
Alan Anthony Beeven
Mark Bingham
Deora Francis Bodley
Marion R. Briton
Thomas E. Burnett Junior
William Joseph Cashman
Georgen Rose Corrigan
Patricia Cushing
Joseph DeLuca
Patrick Joseph Driscol
Edward Porterfelt
Jane C. Folger
Colleen L. Fraser
Andrew (Sony) Garcia
Jeremy Logan Glick
Christine Osterholm White Gould
Lauren Grandcolas
Donald Freeman Green
Linda Gronlund
Richard J. Guadagno
Toshiya Kuga
Hilda Marcin
Wallaceka Martinez
Nicole Carroll Mirror
Louis J. Nacke II
Donald Arthur Peterson
Jean Hordley Peterson
Mark David Rosenberg
Christine Ansnyder
John Tarignani
Honor Elizabeth Winio

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