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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-28 17:59:18 –

Video released in Cleveland (WJW) — FOX 8I team Show show Cleveland police Caught the murderer by collecting important clues from cameras like those in your home or your block.

All the videos tracked Osby Scott’s history. And on Monday, a judge in Kaiyahoga County sent him to jail for 31 years.

In 2019, investigators began trying to resolve the murder near West 49th and Storer. A man was killed and a woman was injured in a shooting in the apartment.

Soon, murder investigators found a video of the suspect captured by doorbell cameras, other home cameras, and corporate cameras.

In fact, prison records show that when Scott was arrested, police were moving him back and forth on video.

Kaiyahoga County Prosecutor I got a recording.

One shows Scott saying, “Everything they said they got on the video, I did, you know …”.

And Scott mentions his encounter with a little dog when he left the crime scene.

He said. “His dog rushes to me. The man sees my face clearly.”

He added, “They saw me walking a lot of what I did from 47th to 49th.”

Investigators found the murderer parked one block away from the crime scene. They determined that he walked to the crime scene, down the corner, down the next block, and walked down the street.

They then determined that he would leave the crime scene and return through a small field between blocks, the “cut.”

Prosecutors in Kaiyahoga County say what happened here is on the rise. More than ever, the general public around the world is playing an important role in regaining the streets with doorbell cameras and other security systems.

Prosecutors say Scott shot a man in debt.

“We just summarized what we know we have the right individuals,” said Anna Faragria, assistant prosecutor for Kaiyahoga County, about the video.

“It was thanks to this video that I could see the police stitching it together from the moment the jury got out of the car to the moment he killed someone,” she added.

Scott can also be heard in prison recordings saying: That’s how I know he took me to the ring (video). “

When those witnesses are cameras, it’s hard to argue with witnesses.

Meanwhile, Kaiyahoga County prosecutors created a list or registry of homes and businesses with security cameras. This list helps investigators know the location of the camera in case they are looking for evidence after a crime.

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