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Homeless Alliance offers warm food and warm reception for Thanksgiving – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — OKC’s Westtown Shelter, the headquarters of OKC’s Homeless Alliance, is much busier than a regular Wednesday morning as hungry visitors begin to gather and look forward to the shelter’s annual Thanksgiving feast. rice field.

Homeless Alliance employees, supported by an army of enthusiastic volunteers and collaborators, have been working tirelessly to provide warm, flavorful and comfortable meals to those in need during the holiday season for the tenth consecutive year. Have been piled up.

Kinsey Crocker, Alliance’s Director of Communications, said: “Our meal is on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, providing guests with the opportunity to serve two big meals from us and another charity from OKC, serving the community on Thanksgiving Day. To do.”

Thanks to continued donations from the community and the rest of the world, meals have increased significantly, accommodating more guests, as well as serving even better and more promising food.

“This year, butterball actually donated 80 turkeys,” says Crocker. Turkey and everything. “

The ongoing pandemic has significantly reduced the number of visitors enjoying the meal, but we hope to meet up to 350 people this year.

Many of those visitors are familiar with Alliance employees.

One of the guests of the day, a man named Josh, was happy to talk about his excitement for food, but when asked about the work of the Homeless Alliance in general, he wanted to sing praise for the organization’s various useful programs. only.

“They have everything you need,” he said. “They have here social security advocates, housing advocates, whatever you need.”

Another visitor who asked to go by Robin T. said she recently worked with the Alliance to secure housing (this process is in some cases due to availability and regulation). It can take a year, but sadness and disappointment of the employees themselves) and she appreciates the program and helps them offer.

But before a big meal, everyone just thinks about food.

“Pecan pie,” Robin said without hesitation. “That’s what I’m most looking forward to today.”

There are a lot of donations for the holidays and everyone is already planning leftovers.

Kitchen manager Delbert Briggs has been a member of the Homeless Alliance since it first opened WestTown Shelter in 2011. He has experienced all the Thanksgiving meals he offers and is already thinking about a week ahead.

“They sent us all these turkeys, and we’re not going to go through them all today,” he explained. “I will make turkey casseroles and all of the turkeys in the next few days.”

Guests and hungry visitors can rely on Delbert for a warm and wonderful meal all year round, but for this holiday feast, he has some notable help.

Brad Johnson, Executive Chef of the Halsmith Restaurant Group, joins the Homeless Alliance during this time to not only assist in the coordination and execution of meals, but also to serve some delicious side dishes and extras. (This year was mashed potatoes), green beans, candied yamuimo. )

Johnson was devoted to preparing and serving food without wasting time chatting with the media.

“He’s honestly shy,” Crocker told us. “He doesn’t really do this for promotional purposes, etc. He just wants to help and give back.”

That feeling was clearly reflected in the staff of the Homeless Alliance and the various volunteers as a whole. They aren’t there for glory or to show up on TV or photos. They are just trying to help people, feed them, and give their guests a warm and comfortable holiday.

“Our ultimate goal is housing,” Crocker explained. “In addition to running a day shelter, we ran several housing programs last year to support housing for 810 people.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing the need for help with things like housing, food, or social security or other programs, contact the Homeless Alliance online at homelessalliance.org or (405). ) Call 415-8410 or drop in at West Town OKC 1724NW 4th St. Day shelter in.

For a complimentary Thanksgiving hot meal, visit one of the following locations:

Grace rescue mission

2205 Exchange Avenue, OKC

From 10 am to 1 pm

Salvation Army

1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, OKC

From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Edmond Community Thanksgiving Meal at UCO

100 N. University, Dr. Edmond

11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Norman High School Food & Shelter

911 W. Main St., Norman

From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

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