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Homeless chef from Tik Tok gets roof over his head and mentoring by popular Colorado Springs chef – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-10-21 20:13:13 –

Colorado Springs — The chef of the Colorado Springs community, who was homeless two weeks ago, now has an overhead roof and his own food truck. His name is Tony Rojas.

It’s all thanks to the Dream Machine Foundation. They travel the whole country to give people the wishes of their dreams. They came across Rojas, listened to him and changed his life. But now that Rojas is taught by a popular chef in town, the story gets even better.

Chef Brother Luck owns two restaurants in Colorado Springs, including Lucky Dumplings and Brother Luck IV. Soon he will help Rojas get his new food truck business on track.

“Great. I’ve never run a business before, so he helps me run part of the business, and I don’t know everything, so I also give advice on cooking. Will you, “said Rojas.

The food they cooked together on Sunday was cooked by Rojas for the first time from a new food truck for the community.

“You see fire, desire, that passion, that excitement, and when he pushes the knife and he talks about the material, there is a great deal of knowledge,” Luck said. “My goal is to be able to navigate the body of water through licenses through financial success, including operations, staffing, reviewing proper handbooks and guidelines, and ensuring that you are following the right procedures for temperature control. . “”

Good luck said that owning a restaurant means restoring your community. That’s why he said it’s also a blessing to help Rojas pursue his dream of becoming a food truck owner.

“There are a lot of things that have to happen to be successful. Having a dream is one thing, and now we have to carry it out and live it.” Luck said. “If I can be there, give good advice, direction and resources, it’s a beautiful blessing.”

For Rojas, he can now return to what he likes: cooking and showing the world what his TikTok viral “Nacho Tacos” is.

“This is great. I have no words about it because I feel love, gratitude, and dedication,” Rojas said. “I went to school to be a cook. I love cooking. It helps. For me it helps me get over life.”

Rojas and Luck will work together in the coming weeks and months before officially opening the food truck. Meanwhile, Food Trucks has an Instagram page where you can find the latest information. @TonysNachoTacos.

Supporters who saw Rojas talk at the Dream Machine Foundation and TikTok also helped Rojas and his wife move to an apartment in Colorado Springs. They lived in a van for 18 months, but now they have a two-bedroom apartment to call them.

When Rojas arrived in a new place, he said, “It’s the best day of my life. I have no words about it. I feel love, gratitude, dedication, diligence, all of them. And that’s a lot. It took me a long time to get here. “

Organizations and supporters have raised $ 100,000 to cover the cost of food trucks and apartments, allowing Rojas and his wife to live there for a year without rent.

The Dream Machine Foundation wanted Rojas to be ready for a successful business, but also wanted Rojas to have a place to call himself.

One day Rojas said he wanted to travel with a food truck and cook outside of sporting events and concerts. He said his goal was to share his food with the world.

Homeless chef from Tik Tok gets roof over his head and mentoring by popular Colorado Springs chef Source link Homeless chef from Tik Tok gets roof over his head and mentoring by popular Colorado Springs chef

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