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Sacramento (CBS13) – Neighbors say drugs, fights and fires plague Sacramento’s neighborhood.

A homeowner of 5700 blocks on Mendocino Boulevard woke up to a homeless camp in a fire around 6 am on Friday. This is the latest in a series of endless homeless problems that they say are plagued by the community.

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“It’s bad here,” explained neighbor Janet Sherbro. “It’s always, it’s not just one thing during the day, it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Frustrated tears ran down Sherbro’s face on Friday after she woke up to the flames that emanated into the sky opposite her house. The fourth fire broke out since I bought her house on Mendocino Boulevard in August. Scharbrough argues that homeless hangouts bring invasion, drugs and fights. She says calling Sacramento County officials, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies didn’t help.

“We bought a house eight months ago. We were already talking about moving and my husband grew up here,” she said.

The empty area between the two homes is the entrance to Fruit Ridge Community Park. A woman living in one of those homes did not want to be identified, but said she had to turn off the fire until the paramedics arrived.

“I was asleep, but I heard a sound that sounded like an explosion. I’m always afraid of a fire in my house,” she explained.

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The woman has called the authorities many times but said she has not received any information about a long-term solution.

“I was frustrated that I could have prevented this. We all report as a neighborhood many times that this camp and several camps in this neighborhood are out of control.” She explained.

Gabe Doria lived in a nearby street and experienced the same problem, but succeeded in working with the county government by clearing at least five camps. Doria is now trying to help his neighbors do the same by connecting them with the leaders in the county.

“I’ve worked with sheriffs, county overseers, both Serna and Kennedy. They really helped and we got rid of it. I talked about tons of homeless camps. There is, “said Doria.

Neighbors are worried about the pile of mountains and tents, and their plea for help is obscured.

“We feel trapped and inaudible and live in certain unsafe environments,” says Scharbrough.

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CBS13 contacted the county but was unable to contact the appropriate individual. When the reply came, the staff was unable to immediately respond to the request for comment.

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