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Riverside, California 2021-05-27 19:36:37 –

SA has announced that it supports about 80% of people living in the city of tents, including men, women and families with children.

Corpus Christi, Texas — has the latest information.Huge homeless tent city Reported earlier this week by 3News. It is located on the north side of Corpus Christi, near Solomon Coles High School, next to the downtown area.

On Thursday, I learned that the local Salvation Army had worked hard to support the relocation of many of the people who were there.

Tents are built in the children’s playground west of Broadway and along Parkers Ally. Leaders said the problem had been going on for months.

Currently, SA has announced that it supports about 80% of people, including men, women and families with children, who live in the city of Tent.

An SA spokeswoman said the situation was unbearable due to extreme weather conditions, drugs and violence.

“People who came to us, we put some in a short-term rental. We put about 35 people in a local hotel and stay for 30 days until they stabilize. Evacuate to Josephine Street here. Such people tend to require a little more intensive case management, “says SA Emily Schaefer.

She said those who accepted the assistance would be assisted in recovering their ID and finding a job.

City council member Mike Pussley said the city had known about the tent city for some time. He said the city was trying to decide what to do about the problem.

“We are not trying to allow this to last longer than necessary,” he said. “Our current big challenge is to relocate these individuals and try to find the right place to provide a reasonable shelter. Hopefully we can get it done quickly. . ”

On Thursday, the Salvation Army announced that it was supporting about 80 percent of the people who lived in the tent city.

“We accepted 44 individuals, each receiving housing assistance, providing assistance and intensive case management over the next 30 days,” said Emily Schaefer, Business Manager for The Salvation Army’s Coastal Bend. I will continue to do it. “

The TSA said the tent city situation became intolerable due to “extreme weather conditions, drugs and violence.”

The Salvation Army is actively looking for partner landlords to provide stable and affordable housing for families and individuals in need. For more information, please call (361) 884-9497 or send an email to Emily.Shafer @ uss.salvationarmy.org.

Donations can be mailed to 521 Josephine Street Corpus Christi, TX78401.

Donations can also be made online www.salvationarmycorpuschristi.org

Essentials such as socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash and shampoo can be donated at 521 Josephine Street Corpus Christi, TX78401.

The Salvation Army of Coastal Bend is committed to providing shelter and helping those in need and those in the most difficult times.

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