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Riverside, California 2021-06-18 11:49:18 –

“I call this their bluff. It’s no different from inflatable Santa Claus and plastic,” said Nicholas Tooms.

Bartlett, Tennessee — Homeowners say the city of Bartlett is targeting him for his sexual orientation. Nicholas Tooms said law enforcement wants him to withdraw his Pride Month decoration in front of his home.

So what is causing such an uproar in Bartlett? Big inflatable rainbow and big flag.

“It’s Pride Month. It’s a decoration,” said Tooms. “I see this as freedom of expression, or art, in the First Amendment.”

Mr Tooms said he was surprised when law enforcement notified him and said that the Pride Month decoration violated Bartlett’s city law on sign regulation and should be removed.

He said he was unfairly targeted by code enforcement.

Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald said on the phone that inflatables and flags violate city regulations, which have nothing to do with Toom’s sexual orientation.

“We only comply with the law, which aims to protect the value of our neighborhood,” McDonald’s said.

“I call this their bluff, which is no different from inflatable Santa Claus and plastic snowmen, blasting turkeys at Thanksgiving, and everything else people put in their gardens. No, “Tooms said.

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“I’ve never seen anything like that in Bartlett. I’ve seen giant Frankensteins and monsters, but I’ve never seen a giant rainbow,” said Kevin Quinn, Bartlett City Councilor. ..

Quinn believes that such flags are considered “commercial” and are not allowed by Bartlett, but it may be necessary to consider inflatable issues.

“What if a neighbor starts complaining about a previous child’s big inflatable slides, elastic homes, etc. So what if someone wants to keep it in the front yard during the summer? Can you deal with it? “Quin said.

Quinn believes that neighbors’ controversy is central to this code’s complaints.

“I feel hostile among my neighbors, and I really want to be at the root of what’s happening,” Quinn said.

Toombs also believes it was the neighbor who filed the complaint, but when Local 24 News asked, the neighbor denied it.

“She uses the code with the police to bully her and give way,” Tooms said.

Initially, Mayor McDonald told Local 24 News that he was not allowed to inflate in the Bartlett city area except during Christmas time. He came back later and said that instead, city lawyers were assessing the issues that could be inflated. As for Toombs, Pride Month lasts for nearly two weeks, he says, with no plans to withdraw the decoration.

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