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A Portland couple praises the power of social media after a lost dog was found in Los Angeles.

Rufus (Courtesy of Sebastian Bernal)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Sebastian Bernal calls it “Homeward Bound 2020” after an 11-month-old Corgi goes missing and is nearly 1,000 miles away from Portland.

Bernal said he was sitting on the porch on Sunday, November 15th, with two dogs, Kobe and Rufus. At that time, one of the dogs opened the gate and both ran away.

Bernal chased them about three miles, but wasn’t caught and went home.

The next morning, he and his girlfriend Annie Piper saw Nextdoor’s post that someone had found one of their dogs, Kobe.

The couple went to the Irbington Veterinary Clinic, the closest veterinary clinic to where Kobe was found, and asked the staff if they saw Corgi. Staff said they had seen the dog and that two women brought the dog about 20 minutes before the couple arrived. The women were checking to see if the dog had a microchip. When they learned that it wasn’t, the vet staff told them to take the dog to a shelter.

Bernal and Pippert thought the search was over, but soon realized that none of the local shelters had Rüfüs...

“That’s when we started to panic a bit. I think we thought it was pretty easy to catch him, especially as he thought he was just going to the shelter. He just As it appeared, I think most of the day we were expecting to find him in the shelter, “Pippato said.

Bernal and Pippert got surveillance videos from the two women’s veterinary clinics that brought their dogs, started sharing pictures of women on social media, and asked if anyone was aware of them.

They started posting leaflets everywhere and started working with Waggin’Tails Search & Rescue’s pet detectives.

Bernal said he was frustrated because he received text messages from people trying to trick him into rewarding him. So he was skeptical when he was called by a woman in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 19th.

“She reached out and said,’I have your dog. I have Rüfüs. The strange news is that we are in Los Angeles now,” Vernal said. It was.

He quickly confirmed that the woman had her own dog, but was confused that the dog had moved far away from home.

The woman was visiting a friend in Portland and explained that she was staying on AirBnb when the dog set foot in her house. She said she was worried that she could have been euthanized if she took Rufus to a shelter, so she decided to bring him back to California after visiting a veterinary clinic.

She discovered that the dog was missing when she saw a social media post showing her face from a surveillance video at a veterinary clinic.

Bernal jumped on a waiting flight to Los Angeles as soon as possible and reunited with Rufus. They rented a car and went on a long journey back to Portland together.

He is still amazed at how the whole story ended.

“They had a dog! He wasn’t missing. He didn’t have a collar. He wasn’t fixed. They could have protected him. They could have protected him. I could have kept him literally. He was in LA. No one goes to find him in LA, “Vernal said.

He said he was not malicious to the woman who had the dog and was grateful for bringing him back.

Rüfüs planned to transplant the microchip in the first week of December. Now, Bernal and Pippato wanted them to do it sooner. They would also wish the veterinary clinic had asked for the woman’s contact information when they brought the dog.

But in the end, Bernal and Pippato say they are very grateful for this Thanksgiving that brought their dog home safely.

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