Honda announces new N-One mini vehicle, adds manual transmission option

Japan-only N-One minicars have been popular with Honda enthusiasts since their debut in 2012. Primarily due to the adorable styling inspired by the 1967 N360 and the US market variation N600, it was only available on the CVT-coupled 3-cylinder. Well, eight years later, Honda announced the all-new N-One, giving it a 6-speed manual transmission option.

This is a very rare move in the automotive industry these days. Manual transmissions are hung by threads, and automakers have recently removed them rather than adding them to the new generation that didn’t offer it before. Honda says it did so as a direct response to the customer’s request.So hey, maybe internet comments Do Make a difference / different!

In addition, the N-One comes with Honda Sensing’s driver-assisted technology suite. This means that the manual transmission can be used in combination with adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist. However, Honda states that the slow follow function used in traffic jams does not work manually.

There are three trim levels: Original, Premium Tourer and RS. The 6-speed is exclusively offered by RS and is equipped with a 3-cylinder turbo that produces 63 horsepower (the upper limit permitted by the regulation of light vehicles). A 57 horsepower naturally aspirated version combined with a CVT is also available.

As the hardcore Honda head knows, the RS badge has historically been a performance marker for cars such as the first-generation Civic and Fit RS, which have been offered in bright orange. As a tribute to this history, the N-One RS provides a light orange contour around the bezel, lower steering wheel spokes, and seat of the manual shifter.

The rest of the N-One, like all mini cars, is space maximization research. Japan’s narrow street footprint is small, but cars do not cause claustrophobia. Like Honda’s previous N-series cars, the company will probably offer a myriad of personalized options as it unfolds. Prices start at $ 14,000 for the base model and return 54mpg at WLTC.Sadly, it will never come to the United States

Honda announces new N-One mini vehicle, adds manual transmission option

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