Honda Legend Sedan with Level 3 Autonomy Now Available in Japan

  • The Honda Legend Hybrid EX can be leased in Japan from today, and Honda claims the pride of the first production vehicle with a Level 3 autonomous system.
  • Honda says Legends can steer themselves in busy traffic areas and do not require continuous surveillance by the driver.
  • The legendary technology Honda Sensing Elite is the latest generation of Honda’s advanced driver assistance systems.

    Honda Legend, the first mass-produced vehicle equipped with a Level 3 autonomous system, is now available for leasing in Japan in a limited number of 100 units.Currently, Japanese car makers have a legend with this system in the US, and it certainly doesn’t help it Honda has discontinued its American counterpart, Last year’s Acura RLX.

    Honda Legend is equipped with Honda Sensing Elite, a more advanced version of Honda’s driving assistance technology. Ability to certify technology as a Level 3 system. Still far from qualifying to be fully autonomous— Traffic Jam Pilot, which is part of a system that allows you to drive a car under certain conditions without paying attention to the driver. Honda says such situations include traffic jams, in which the driver can watch TV on the infotainment screen while the system is operating.

    In 2017, Audi said it Place a Level 3 Autonomous System on A8.. As with the Honda Legend, the driver should not pay attention while the vehicle is in transit. Those plans were changed last year when Audi revealed that it would not proceed to put the system into the A8 due to regulatory restrictions, according to To Automotive News Europe, And the possibility Audi may be liable if the car is involved in an accident while the system is operating.


    In addition to Honda’s congestion pilots, the car manufacturer’s Sensing Elite system features adaptive cruises with lane centering. The driver does not need to hold the steering wheel while the system is operating on the highway. According to Honda, drivers can change lanes by activating turn signals while the system is operating, but the system scans the road and initiates lane changes, even overtaking vehicles on the freeway. I can do it.

    Honda launches next-generation Honda Sensing Elite Safety System with Level 3 autonomous driving function in Japan


    Except when the traffic pilot is operating, the driver needs to concentrate on the road and the vehicle’s camera monitors the driver’s condition regardless of what level of the system is operating. Indicator lights of various colors, including the steering wheel, indicate to the driver which level of the system is operating.

    The Honda Sensing Elite System is more advanced than other advanced driver assistance systems on the market, such as: Tesla Autopilot and Cadillac Supercruise, Because the driver may leave in certain situations. Both of these systems, and all other systems currently on the market, require driver attention, regardless of the immediate situation.

    The Legend Hybrid EX is lease-only and has a retail price of $ 102,000. Reuters Reported today. Only 100 will be available.

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Honda Legend Sedan with Level 3 Autonomy Now Available in Japan

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