Hong Kong police arrest Apple Daily Executive

Hong Kong — On Thursday, Hong Kong police arrested five executives in a puzzled democratic newspaper on suspicion of colluding with foreign forces to violate extensive national security laws on Chinese territory.

Police said they had arrested five media companies on suspicion of “collusion with foreign or external factors to threaten national security.” They did not name the company or identify who the foreign power was.

The newspaper reported that five executives work for the democratic newspaper Apple Daily or its parent company Next Digital. Apple Daily said editor-in-chief Ryan Law was among those arrested.

Jimmy Lai, the founder of Next Digital Imprisonment He was charged with unlawful assembly under the National Security Act imposed on Hong Kong by the Chinese mainland government last year.

A video broadcast by an Apple Daily reporter showed dozens of police officers entering the headquarters of Next Digital. Some put their suitcases in the cart. In addition, some post boxes are set up at the entrance to require employees to register their personal information. Police have warned employees to restrict access to certain floors of the building and turn off cameras.

Police said the search warrant acknowledged “the power to search and seize journalism material,” but did not explain what was seized.

Mr Lai and his newspapers have long been thorns on the part of the Chinese and Hong Kong governments, and Beijing has targeted him as one of the main enemies in the territory.

One year after the National Security Law came into force, the police Arrested 112 people In a national security investigation, 57 people were charged under it.

Hong Kong police arrest Apple Daily Executive

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