Hong Kong police enforce security law to arrest senior journalists

Hong Kong police arrested senior editors and executives of newspapers belonging to democratic mogul Jimmy Lai in the first use of the territorial national security law against journalists.

Apple Daily prevented at least 100 police from attacking the office early Thursday, instructing reporters arriving for work to register their identities, filming the attacks and going to desks. Said that. Instead, journalists were told to gather elsewhere in the building.

Police said the attack was aimed at gathering “evidence of a suspected violation of national security law.” They used warrants to search and seize journalism material.

China introduced a strict new security law almost a year ago to calm dissent after Hong Kong’s anti-government protests in 2019.

The law is control About the freedom of citizens of the city, including the mass arrest of political activists and the targeting of those who are considered dishonest in Beijing School teacher And Judgment..

Thursday’s arrest wasn’t the first Oppose the media This was the first time authorities had cited the Peace Preservation Law in a proceeding against journalists under the crackdown.

The Peace Preservation Law, which punishes crimes such as destruction and collusion with foreign elements, imposes the greatest penalties for life imprisonment.

Rye has already been Imprisoned in another case And his Assets have been frozen, Includes a 71% stake in Next Media, the company that owns Apple Daily.

According to the newspaper, it was Apple Daily editor-in-chief Ryan Law and online editor Nick Cheung who were arrested on Thursday. Next Digital CEO Cheung Kim-hung, Chief Operating Officer Royston Chow, and associate publisher Chan Pui-man were also detained.

Police said they “arrested five directors of the company” under security law for “collusion with foreign or external factors to jeopardize national security.”

Hong Kong Police Chief Chris Tan signals media crackdown “Fake news” method We are afraid that journalists will give authorities greater authority to crack down on the media.

He has selected Apple Daily, a popular tabloid known for his willingness to confront and criticize the government, as a target for further police action.The newspaper It was attacked last August.

Critics say security law reduced rights such as freedom of expression promised by Hongkongers when China owned territory from the United Kingdom in 1997.

A journalist at Next Media said employees were “mentally ready” for the arrest of senior editors, but were shocked by the magnitude of the police attack. “It completely overturns press freedom,” they told the Financial Times.

“If Apple Daily is lost, I’m really worried about the people in Hong Kong … Other newspapers are too afraid to cover sensitive topics.”

Despite the attacks and financial uncertainties caused by the freezing of Rye’s assets, the newspaper vowed to continue publishing.

Next Digital announced the suspension of stock trading on Thursday.

Hong Kong police enforce security law to arrest senior journalists

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