Hong Kong’s Apple Daily closes after government chokes funds

Hong Kong — Hong Kong’s rebellious democratic newspaper, Apple Daily, which has aroused the wrath of Chinese leaders, will no longer exist by Saturday, the publisher said.

Next Digital Ltd. is a Hong Kong-listed company that owns a 26-year-old newspaper founded by. Imprisoned Beijing critic Jimmy Lai said Wednesday, the final version would be printed by Saturday, and the digital version would be offline by the end of the day.

Since the National Security Act came into force in June last year, the puzzled paper has been on the Beijing firing line. Disagree in the city In 2019, he was involved in months of anti-government protests. Hong Kong officials have recently frozen the company’s assets, including Mr. Lai’s majority stake. Prosecuted two of its top executives Under security law last week, he confiscated a journalist’s computer from the newsroom. Lai, who launched the newspaper in 1995, has been imprisoned for participating in protests and is awaiting trial on suspicion of violating national security.

According to newspaper reports, the author of the commentary published in Apple Daily was arrested on Wednesday under national security law. The recent arrest followed authorities’ accusations that Apple Daily has published more than 30 articles since 2019, which contributed to the plot to impose sanctions on Hong Kong and China.

Citing Hong Kong’s decision, Next Digital said, “We thank our readers for their loyal support and the efforts of journalists, staff and advertisers over the last 26 years.”

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily closes after government chokes funds

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