Honolulu prosecutor charges officers with murder despite grand jury decision – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-06-20 14:02:50 –

Three Honolulu police officers were charged with murder in a 16-year-old Iremamber Sykap shooting and attempted murder, despite a grand jury decision not to prosecute police officers in connection with the murder.

Honolulu Prosecutor’s Attorney Steve Alm’s Office Announcement In a statement on Tuesday, policeman — Jeffrey Tom, 42 years old. Zackary Ah Nee, 26; Christopher Frederses, 40 — charged in connection with the April shooting.

Tom, a five-year veteran of the Honolulu police station, was charged with murder for the second time.

He faces life behind a bar that may be released on parole if convicted.

Both Nee and Fredeluces — military veterans of 3 and 10 years respectively — were charged with one attempted murder for the second time. The prosecution said in a statement that it was also able to see life imprisonment, which could lead to parole.

by Associated PressThe indictment stems from the shooting of Sykap on April 5, and occurs days after the grand jury decides to oppose indicting three police officers in the case.

Local police reportedly refused to release footage of the incident, but officials alleged that the shooting took place after police pursued Sikapu in a car chase. At the time, police reported that Sykap was driving a Honda that was linked to crimes such as robbery, theft, and wallet snatching.

The prosecution reported that Tom shot Sikapu at least eight times from the rear window “without provocation.” He suffered head, neck, back and arm injuries shortly thereafter before being sentenced to death in the hospital.

Prosecutors also allege that Freders fired during the incident and Ah Nee repeatedly shot Mark Sikap, brother of Ilemanber Sikap, who was also in the car.

Officers are at the desk’s duty for the duration of the court proceedings.

Honolulu’s interim police chief, Rade Vanic, reportedly expressed surprise at the recent accusations filed against police officers, despite the grand jury’s decision.

“This is very unusual and we are not aware that similar measures have been taken in the past. While waiting for a court decision, we protect and serve the community as usual. I will continue to do so, “he told AP.

However, Eric Seitz, a lawyer reserved by Sykaps for a civil proceeding, praised the prosecutor who took up the case.

“From the beginning, we suspected that the shooting was completely unjustified when we began to get information about how the incident unfolded,” he told AP.

“Now that we have seen the further evidence contained and attached to the accusation, there is no doubt that this was an event that could have been prevented and should have been prevented,” he added. It was.

Honolulu prosecutor charges officers with murder despite grand jury decision Source link Honolulu prosecutor charges officers with murder despite grand jury decision

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