Honolulu’s Famous Haiku Stairs Trail Set to be Dismantled – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-09-26 17:02:29 –

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Sometimes beautiful trails may not be true.

Last week, the mayor of Honolulu Hawaii He ordered the removal of the Haiku staircase, a path of about 4,000 metal stairs that runs along the top of the ridge above the city. The US Navy built a staircase as a way to a radio relay station in 1942, and has since become a popular way to access views of Honolulu and its bay. Beach..

However, the Haiku staircase (also known as the staircase to heaven) is on private land and has not been officially open to the public since 1987. Still, people couldn’t stop climbing, and Honolulu’s city council was finally full. Budget $ 1 million to remove stairs.

“We recognize that stairs are interested in certain community groups, but issues such as breach, personal injury, invasive species, and overall public safety cannot be ignored,” Honolulu said. Mayor Rick Blanchardi said in an interview. Honolulu Civil Beat.. “Basically, it is inappropriate to visit frequently used tourist attractions from this residential area, which lacks the ability to provide adequate facilities and parking.”

There is opposition to that plan. Friends of Haikustairs, a non-profit organization dedicated to the official reopening of the trail, have proposed a series of actions to ensure that hikers can use the trail safely.

“This plan has evolved over the decades, incorporating opinions from experts in all disciplines, including engineers, hikers, teachers, botanists, medical professionals and historians.” Haiku stairs friends, In the editorial Honolulu Civil Beat.. “It ’s a hike staircase Can be reopened and operated free of charge for Hawaii taxpayers And it would bring a $ 2.14 million benefit to city and state governments over a proposal to remove them. Visitors are charged to climb the stairs, which covers security, insurance, maintenance, staffing, and education program costs. “

Andsel also calls the hike stairs “probably one of the safest hiking trails in Hawaii.”

Removal of the stairs may begin as early as next year.

Honolulu’s Famous Haiku Stairs Trail Set to be Dismantled Source link Honolulu’s Famous Haiku Stairs Trail Set to be Dismantled

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