‘Honor Ride’ hosted in Maynardville to honor Army Staff Sgt Ryan Knauss – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

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Maynardville, Tennessee (WATE) —A few months after the bombing at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan, many in East Tennessee keep the 13 U.S. military members killed unforgettable.

An “honor ride” took place in Maynardville on Saturday in honor of one of these soldiers and Sergeant Ryan Naus, a hero of East Tennessee.

From the podium at the start of the ride, Union County Mayor Dr. Jason Bailey said, “President Ronald Reagan once said.” With a vision that allows them to fight and make the final sacrifice. “

When motorcyclists struck the streets to honor the natives of Coryton, the action spoke louder than Saturday’s words.

“We decided to give all 13 soldiers an honorary ride, but we decided to raise money for the Tri-County veteran Honorary Guard and give it in the name of Ryan Naus.” Said April Violet, an advocate for the motorcycle community at Garza Law Offices. PLLC.

For Army veteran Mattison Christopher, this vehicle is his way of paying his respect,

“I have been in active service for nine years and have been stationed in Fort Lewis Washington, the fifth battalion of the 20th Infantry Regiment.”

He further adds: “Being active, I can’t really see many memorials or things of that nature, so being able to see them in person helps.”

He is part of the Merryville Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

“We are a group of veterans and we are fighting veterans who like to ride together and support the community,” Christopher said.

He said it was a community that was proud of our country and honored the people who served it.

April Violet agrees,

“My experience here in Tennessee is that these are the most patriotic people I’ve been around and one of themselves. He’s a hero in his hometown.”

Massison Christopher said he believed in Sgt. Naus defended our country and died doing what he liked.

Christopher said he would do it without hesitation,

“For all of us, we knew the price if that happened. That’s what I want to do again.”

This vehicle was put together by Garza Law Firm and Petes Place.

Petes Place provided free meals to all veterans who participated in the ride.

‘Honor Ride’ hosted in Maynardville to honor Army Staff Sgt Ryan Knauss Source link ‘Honor Ride’ hosted in Maynardville to honor Army Staff Sgt Ryan Knauss

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