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Holly County, South Carolina (WBTW) — According to the South Carolina Coastal Real Estate Agents Association (CCAR), home sales in Holly County are at record highs.

As more people move to Holly County, it means a heavy burden on infrastructure and resources. Holly County Assemblyman Johnny Vort told News13 that was one of the reasons. Council passed shock charges..

“You can’t go anywhere without seeing development going on,” Vaught said.

This is due to low interest rates, multiple housing offers, fewer days in the market, and housing inventory restrictions. CCAR CEO Laura Crowther said there weren’t enough homes to keep up with demand.

“Currently, it’s outpacing the national trend, but it’s starting to decline, either because of inventory shortages, or especially because the number of properties for sale in existing homes is declining,” Crowther said. Stated. Said.

Vaught said more people Move here at a fast pace, Infrastructure can’t keep up.

“It’s one of 22 catches,” he said. “How much infrastructure do we need to provide to take care of the people who actually come down here?”

That’s why the council approved it More hospitals It is built and affects the price. According to Vort, people migrating to the county will have to pay about $ 1,400 per home, which will begin on October 15.

“We don’t want to blanket everything, and we don’t want to say,’No, no more development,'” Vort said. “We don’t want to do that because it’s also an economical engine … there’s so much work out there because we’re doing all of this development.”

Mr. Clauser said he not only contributes to the tax base by buying and renting homes, but also buys goods and services.

Vaught said residents were concerned about all developments as traffic and floods increased. He then said he needed to find a way to build a regulating pond and support overall growth.

Horry County home sales at record high, infrastructure can’t keep up Source link Horry County home sales at record high, infrastructure can’t keep up

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