Horry County ice cream franchise increases prices as gas, diesel, dairy costs rise – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2022-05-19 20:21:16 –

Horry County, South Carolina (WBTW) —The local Mr. Softy franchise has announced a price increase starting June 1.

When the price of fuel and raw materials goes up, the price goes up by $ 1. Serena Regan, owner of Mr. Softy in Holly County, said she would wait as long as possible to raise prices.

“We have a lot of loyal customers and we want everyone to eat ice cream, so we try to keep their price base low,” Regan said. “Ice cream is happy. Unfortunately, our prices continue to rise to our supply, so we really need to meet it on the other side of the spectrum.”

Mister Softee trucks continue to operate on diesel fuel and petrol, even when not connected to another power source.

“They run their diesel engine to keep everything in the truck cool and fully operational, and of course we have petrol that powers the motor to keep us on the road,” she says. I did.

Trucks run about 12 hours a day, and in some cases longer. Fuel costs are really totaled.

“Currently, it’s about $ 3,000 a week,” says Reagan.

Approximately $ 1200 of that cost is just for diesel.

Regan was told by the supplier that the diary industry is preparing for higher costs and potential diesel shortages. She said it creates a domino effect among suppliers, businesses and customers.

“That is, it’s currently around $ 2,100, and based on sales and quality used, dairy products will be well over $ 3,000 a week,” she said.

She didn’t want to raise the price, but she couldn’t help it. She felt that the dollar’s rise so far was enough to get them heading in the right direction.

“I am the only owner of the business and must be able to support what we do and employees must be able to support their families.”

Regan said he would always provide high quality products and take care of the staff.

“We will continue to serve Holly County, just like we do, as well,” she said. “We do not change products, change services, or compromise the value of what we are getting. They are the same as our wonderful employees who are still working for us. We’re trying to get that great value for a great tasting ice cream. It won’t change. “

Regan believes her prices are some of the lowest in the franchise in the country. She doesn’t know if she needs to raise her price again, but she always says she intends to make a living and make ice cream as affordable as possible.

“I’m stressed now,” she said. “You never know what tomorrow will bring. I could raise it in June, and they will tell me that something will rise again by the end of June.”

Horry County ice cream franchise increases prices as gas, diesel, dairy costs rise Source link Horry County ice cream franchise increases prices as gas, diesel, dairy costs rise

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