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Holly County, South Carolina (WBTW) — Some people talked about new things in front of the Holly County Reorganization Committee Wednesday afternoon. Preliminary subsection map, And some residents were concerned about how the map was drawn.

Two weeks ago, the committee met to publish a preliminary version of the map. Citizens were invited to attend at 4 pm Wednesday to share their comments and concerns, but many said the meeting should have been late at night so that more people could attend. ..

The last map was created in 2010. Since then, Holly County’s population has skyrocketed to nearly 82,000. The new map takes growth into account.

“It’s the biggest challenge for the Commission, and constituency changes are where population grows and people move,” said Arrigo Carotti, a lawyer in Holly County.

Some of the considerations considered for the new map were to ensure that the population was equal and the voting area was not divided.

“There is no perfect map,” Carotti said. “I’m not going to draw the perfect line, but all these considerations have been implemented.”

Some residents shared concerns about maps.

“I was completely surprised that the number of Holly County Council members was reduced from four to one on behalf of the residents of Carolina Forest,” said Carolina Forest Citizens’ Association Chairman Carolina Vansikler. “This is a 75% reduction in Horry County Council representatives from Carolina Forest.”

Norman Faye, a resident of Carolina Forest, said splitting the constituency is not a good idea as it can cause confusion on election days.

“As a resident of Holly County, I ask this committee to return to the drawing board and draw a fair district without cracks or packing. It’s basically a gerrymander,” said another Holly County resident. Said.

The Commission said there would be a future public meeting on subdivision maps.

“Of course, the opinions of the general public are necessary, valuable, considered, and have not been decided to date,” Carotti said. “They will be finalized sometime in January and then approved by the county council.”

You can see the preliminary map below. The map is a draft, not a final one.

Check for updates in News13 as your map goes through the approval process.

Horry County residents share concerns with preliminary redistricting plan Source link Horry County residents share concerns with preliminary redistricting plan

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