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Hospitals, healthcare professionals call weapons to wear masks

“Our shield is worn out. Our determination is being tested.”

That said, as the coronavirus pandemic rages across the United States, the most familiar front-line healthcare professionals in new advertising campaigns break death and case records in each state almost every day.

A printed and video campaign by about 100 of the country’s largest and most famous hospital groups begins Thursday with the goal of countering public resistance to wearing masks.

The message is all in an overwhelming hospital with staff tired of the relentless death march during a pandemic, including those at the forefront of the battlefield in so many states where visiting patients are waiting for their beds. We are asking Americans to protect people.

In addition, the American Hospital Association has worked with the American Nurses Association and the American Medical Association, which represents many of the American physicians, to urge the public to pay attention when celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

The group wrote an open letter on Thursday, encouraging people to “celebrate responsibly in a reduced way.”

“We are all fed up and sympathetic to the desire to celebrate a holiday with family and friends, but given the serious risks, wearing a mask, keeping physical distance and washing hands. Emphasizes how important is, “the letter said.

Advertising campaigns by major hospital groups featured print advertising sponsors in prominent newspapers, including the New York Times, and a powerful video showing US healthcare professional dissatisfaction with the refusal of many healthcare professionals. Includes media push assistance. Americans wear masks. This is an action that can prevent the deaths of tens of thousands.

This video, which includes clear black-and-white photographs of doctors and nurses leaning on Covid-19 patients in the midst of this crisis, does more to prevent a surge in cases in the community. And urge the public to step up. It’s a call to weapons.

“We take our lives every day to keep you safe. So do something for us. Wear. A. Mask,” the caption says.

Dr. Tomislav Mikhail Jevic, CEO of Cleveland Clinic, said he aims to lead the campaign and recognize the fatigue of healthcare professionals in dealing with an eight-month pandemic in the United States. I did.

“This is a cry for help, a cry of rallying,” he said.

The participating hospital groups represent a wide range of organizations and companies with facilities nationwide, including major academic medical centers such as Johns Hopkins Medicine, Mass General Brigham, Presbyterian Church in New York, and UCLA Health. Large commercial chains like HCA Healthcare. Religious hospital groups such as Adventist Health and Common Spirit Health.

Hospitals, healthcare professionals call weapons to wear masks

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