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Hot and breezy today with a few areas of virga – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-23 06:33:52 –

Today’s weather forecast:
Above-average heat has returned to today’s forecast, with peaks generally in the 1980s across the plains.

In the afternoon, sunshine replaces cloud cover and some areas of Virga can be seen in the mountains north of Route 50. Virga clouds are often accompanied by gusts and can today occur in Fremont, Teller, and western El Paso County. ..

The cold front passes through the plains today and late tonight, pushing the maximum temperature back about 3-5 degrees Celsius on Friday afternoon.

Colorado Springs: High: 82; Low: 49. It’s chilly, but starting with a clear sky and dry air, it quickly warms the city throughout the afternoon from the 70’s to the 80’s. It’s refreshing today and tonight. Especially if you are moving the Virga from the mountains late today or early tonight. A cold front until the evening keeps things refreshing and cool.

PUEBLO: High: 86; Low: 49. It’s hot and dry today and the daytime and evening breeze is refreshing. No virga clouds can be seen through Pueblo today, and the state of the fire rises slightly from a dry, refreshing state.

Canon City: high: 83; Low: 53. Today there is a warm and refreshing, dry sky and slightly higher fire conditions. Virga is possible in northern Freemont County, through the Arkansas River Valley, to the west of the town.

Woodland Park: high: 69; Low: 43. Today is calm and refreshing, with cloudy skies and Virga clouds from midnight to evening. Rain is rarely or not expected, but as the Virga develops, there are many gusts.

Try Lake: high: 70’s; Low: Forties. Calm, refreshing and dry afternoons are followed by midnight and evening Virga clouds and gusts. It can remain dry, except for some drifting water and gusts from the Virga clouds.

Hirano: high: in her 80’s; Low: 50’s. Even if a cold front at midnight comes from the north, it is hot and dry across the plains. Today, the risk of grass fire is slightly higher and you will have a refreshing stay.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: high: in her 80’s; Low: Forties. Today it is warm and refreshing, with a slight fire risk and the sky is dry. Virga clouds should not be seen in this area today.

Mountain: High: 1960s; Low: Forties. Sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon, showers can occur in northern Fremont and western Teller. Virga clouds and gusts are more likely than today’s rain.

Expanded outlook:
The cold fronts today and tonight are refreshing until Friday morning and a little cooler until afternoon. Tomorrow will be a dry, sunny sky, with high temperatures throughout the region returning from the late 70’s to the late 80’s.

Sunday is the hottest weekend and we are warm and dry. Next week’s series of cold fronts will push temperatures down to the 70’s and 80’s by the middle of the week, with possible rain and thunderstorms next Wednesday and Thursday.

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Hot and breezy today with a few areas of virga Source link Hot and breezy today with a few areas of virga

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