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Hot night for Golden Knights fans at outdoor watch parties | News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-06-15 01:37:00 –

Las Vegas (FOX5)-In Las Vegas on Monday, hot days turned into hot nights as temperatures peaked at 110 degrees Celsius and remained above 100 degrees Celsius after sunset. It didn’t stop enthusiastic hockey fans from attending outdoor watch parties.

Vegas Golden Knights fan Murray Bell, who watched the match at Toshiba Plaza, told FOX5 that everything was ready.

“Hats … short sleeves … some people wore jerseys. I love support, but it’s a bit crazy for me. I’ll sweat my ass,” Bell said.

“Drink a lot of sparking water,” says Colin Ashbreck, and lifting and hydrating the water bottle is his key to safety.

Mr. sprayed water from above, and the vendor who sold the gear to the VGK fan had a small rotating plastic fan in the booth to help the air flow.

During the watch party, Clyde Caldwell sat in a folding chair at Water Street Plaza and said, “We had to come out and help the Knights.”

Shaved ice was popular with fans watching the game on the huge screen next to the Lifeguard Arena. Huge fog fans worked to keep them cool.

“As long as these knights win, the heat won’t bother us,” Bell said.

It’s expected to get even hotter at the next outdoor watch party at Water Street Plaza. The following three games are planned.

  • Wednesday, June 16th, 6pm
  • Friday, June 18th, 5pm
  • Sunday, June 20th, 5pm

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