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Hotter with building wildfire smoke – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-08-05 07:05:18 –

Today’s weather forecast:

KOAA weather

Heat, smoke, and poor air quality are the main stories of the meteorological sector today and tomorrow. High-pressure ridges warm the state and bring afternoon temperatures back to normal summer temperatures.

The increase in heat-induced ozone and wildfire smoke from vigorous western fires deteriorates air quality during the afternoon and evening hours. Be sure to limit your outdoor time, especially if you have respiratory problems in the afternoon and evening.

Colorado Springs: High: 88; low: 59. It’s hot and dry today, and the afternoons are sunny but smoky. Air quality is low today, and air quality alerts will be issued until 8 pm tonight in northern El Paso County.

PUEBLO: High: 92; low: 60. It’s hot and dry today, and the smoke from wildfires is increasing. It rises above the city, but is especially noticeable towards the mountains in the west.

Canon City: expensive: 89; low: 63. It’s hot and dry, and this afternoon and evening you can see smoke and haze from the mountains to the west towards the valley.

Woodland Park: expensive: 77; low: 53. In the afternoons and evenings, the air quality is poor due to ozone and wildfire smoke, and it is warm and dry.

Try Lake: expensive: in her 80’s; low: 50’s. Due to ozone and wildfire smoke, the afternoons are warm and smokey, with poor air quality.

Hirano: expensive: 1960s; low: 20’s. It’s hot and dry today, and the smoke from wildfires is high.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: expensive: 90’s; low: 1960s. It’s warm and hazy today as smoke flows in from the north.

Mountain: High: in her 80’s; low: 50’s. Hotter air with some afternoon clouds and one or two drifting storms in the afternoon highlands. Dry heat keeps most mountainous areas dry with heavier smoke throughout the afternoon.

Expanded outlook:
A cyclone robe scoops northern Colorado on Friday afternoons and evenings, bringing showers and thunderstorms scattered around the mountains and Denver. We could see one or two isolated storms near the Pikes Peak area, but the best storm energies are generally north of Palmer Divide.

The heat and smoke will be back in very hot air this weekend, by Sunday and Monday.

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Hotter with building wildfire smoke Source link Hotter with building wildfire smoke

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