Hourglass dew condensation setting spray instantly blurs defects

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One of the only disadvantages of the summer season is the heat. As much as we love sunbathing, it can be very sweaty — super fast.Of course, that means that any makeup we wear is in danger of completely melting after just a few years. Temporal..

Setting spray is absolutely essential in the warmer months. In the process, I found a spray that not only holds the makeup firmly in place, but also looks good. NS Veil ™ soft focus setting spray from Hourglass is an award-winning product that can help blur defects. Meanwhile, Instagram filters provide a lively, gorgeous and moist finish to the skin.

Veil ™ soft focus setting spray Hourglass cosmetics


get Veil ™ soft focus setting spray, Available from Hourglass Cosmetics!

this Setting spray won Allure Longing for the highest award in this category, it helped to get on the map. By creating the look of an airbrush immediately after use, it goes beyond similar options on the market. The mist is so fine that even if you spray it directly on your face, no even wet spots will remain. In fact, you’ll get a beautiful, uniform and lightweight cover that holds your makeup firmly in place and finishes your skin for radiance and perfection.

This setting spray It’s a tear-wet finish that shoppers can’t stop praising. It’s made to look like it’s shining from the inside, so it’s perfect for summer. Besides the famous blurring effect, this spray impressively enhances the lasting power of the makeup. The foundation can be fixed for up to 24 hours and is water resistant. This is a dream of a humider climate. It’s also the perfect spray to use if you’re heading to the beach or pool and want to keep your makeup on while you’re splashing.


get Veil ™ soft focus setting spray, Available from Hourglass Cosmetics!

you can Use this settings spray After completing the base foundation, and after completing the complete make-up look. Shake the bottle and hold it about 10 inches away from your face. Then spray on some pumps. Don’t be stingy: you can be as generous as you like! You can refresh immediately after use and use it immediately. This setting spray is also terribly moisturizing and, according to shoppers, prevents makeup transitions. This is the main thing, considering that you may be wearing a mask if you are in public. we I need this product In our hot and sticky summer life!

See it: Veil ™ soft focus setting spray, Available from Hourglass Cosmetics!

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Hourglass dew condensation setting spray instantly blurs defects

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