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House approves resolution calling to remove Trump despite Pence rejecting 25th Amendment push | News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-01-12 23:56:00 –

(CNN)-The House of Representatives resolved on Tuesday night to approve a resolution calling for President Donald Trump to be dismissed through the 25th Amendment following a violent siege of the US Capitol last week.

Voting symbolizes after Vice President Mike Pence revealed early in the evening in a letter released just hours before the House of Representatives vote that he had no plans to invoke the 25th Amendment to dismiss the president. Corresponds to the blame.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly falsely claimed that the election was stolen from him, calling for a counterattack against his supporters, and as a result of the riots, Democrats in the House of Representatives are rapidly moving toward impeaching the president again. Because.

The House of Representatives Democrats are planning to vote to impeach Trump on Wednesday, impeaching a week after a mob overwhelms police in the Capitol and defeats some of the safest areas of the Capitol. Set.

The 25th Amendment Resolution, filed by Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin, called Pence “immediately using his authority under Article 25 Amendment 4 to convene key officers of the Cabinet’s executive department. Ask to mobilize and declare what it is. ”What is clear for a terrifying country: the president’s inability to carry out his duties successfully. “

He also calls on Pence to assume “the powers and obligations of the office as acting president.”

However, prior to the vote, Pence’s office wrote to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to discontinue the idea.

“With only eight days left for the president, you and the Democratic Corcus are demanding that the Cabinet and I implement the 25th Amendment. I have such a course of action in our country. I don’t think it’s in the best interests or in line with us. The Constitution, “Pence wrote.

As a sign that the Democrats are moving quickly toward impeachment, Pelosi announced on Tuesday the names of Democrats acting as impeachment managers who were tasked with filing a proceeding in the Senate during the impeachment trial. Managers are Diana Degette, Colorado, David Siciline, Rhode Island, Eric Swarwell, California, Joaquin Castro, Texas, Ted Lieu, California, and Stacy Plasquette, Virgin Islands, USA. This is Congressman Ruskin. Joe Neguse of Colorado and Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania.

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney told a colleague at a conference call Monday night that the impeachment vote on Wednesday was a “conscience vote,” sources told CNN. Announced to vote for impeachment on Tuesday, Chainy is one of the few candid critics of President Donald Trump’s disinformation over the November election results and Trump’s attempt to overthrow the election.

A senior Democratic member of the House of Representatives told CNN that the rules of the Ruskin resolution on Tuesday night required masking speakers on the floor of the House of Representatives, similar to what the Republican Party did for shooting on the floor in 2017. He said it would include a language that implements a fine-grained system for violating. .. The fine is $ 500 for the first offense and $ 2,500 for the second offense and is deducted from the member’s payment, not the election funds or the member’s surrogate allowance.

Separately, the House Office Building Committee will immediately consider implementing similar fines for violations on the House Office Building of the US Capitol and on the House side.

Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called Pence the day after the parliamentary attack to discuss the 25th amendment, but Pence did not answer after a 25-minute hold.

“At least. Of course, I was at home, so I was running the dishwasher and putting my clothes in the laundry. We’re still waiting for him to answer the phone,” she said on Sunday night at CBS. Told to.

As a “next step,” Pelosi said in a statement Monday that Democrats “move forward by bringing the impeachment bill to the floor.”

At the beginning of Monday, Democrats tried to take up the 25th Amendment Resolution with unanimous consent, but it was blocked by the Republicans.

Pelosi accused Congressional Republicans of “allowing them to continue their unsettled, confused and confused incitement without the president’s incitement,” and “their Republicans endanger the United States and erode our democracy. , It has to be done, “he added.

This story and headline was updated on Tuesday with additional development.

House approves resolution calling to remove Trump despite Pence rejecting 25th Amendment push | News Headlines Source link House approves resolution calling to remove Trump despite Pence rejecting 25th Amendment push | News Headlines

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