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House backs bill to mandate teaching Holocaust, World War II throughout high school | Legislature – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-05-24 22:30:00 –

On Monday night, the Louisiana State Capitol tackled a volatile topic and approved a bill requiring high school students to receive Holocaust and World War II guidance, but new educational requirements for black historical figures. I refused to add the list.

legislation, House building 416, Most get House approval with 66-32 votes of the faction, then face action in the Senate.

Rep. Valary Hodges, a bill sponsor at R-Denham Springs, said changes were needed as students and young people were poorly educated about how the German persecution of Jews killed 6 million people. Stated.

Rather than limiting World War II and Holocaust instruction to one semester, Hodges studied the topic for four years, “to fully understand what the Holocaust is when graduating from high school.” Said you need to.

“There are some things that are so important that we can’t ignore them,” she said.

Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Chairman Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, has proposed an amendment to ensure that high school students learn about key figures in black history. “Equal” US Supreme Court ruling, civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, former US Congressman Adam Clayton Powell.

While understanding the purpose of the Hodges bill, James said historical figures in black history are also more noteworthy.

Hodges said he wanted to continue to focus on the suffering of the Jews and World War II, and opposed various other efforts to change the amendments and proposals.

James’s fix failed 44-52.

Early by Republican Ray Garafalo, who aimed to prevent colleges and public schools from teaching the “concept of division,” including the idea that Louisiana and the United States are racists in nature. The debate was sensitive due to the controversy over the effort.

Comments on slavery caused anger among some of his colleagues Chalmette Rep. Ray Garafaro said he was banished as chairman on Tuesday …

His comments on Garofaro’s bill and the need to teach the “good, bad, ugly” of slavery caused a ruckus in the House Board of Education, and Garofaro said he was removed from the panel’s chair.

Tensions reignited on Wednesday at the Louisiana House of Education Board of Education, including accusations that the proposed amendment was a continuation of the reenactment …

History and civic teacher Larry Bagley of R-Stonewall urged the House of Representatives to support Hodges’ bill.

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When elected to the Louisiana State Legislature, Bagley said his college son, who earned a 3.8 GPA at LSU, was uncertain what his job as a legislator meant. “We need to change the direction of education,” Bagley said.

Others said it was a mistake for the state legislature to decide on the curriculum, especially knowing that the state’s primary and secondary education committee is updating social science standards.

“This is for people, educators and parents who are developing the curriculum,” said Barbara Freiberg, former State Department Chief Executive Officer at R-Baton Rouge.

Congressman Lois Dupresis, D-New Orleans and others argued that an important part of black history was ignored.

Dupresis asked Hodges if he was familiar with Middle Passage. He took millions of slaves from West Africa and killed millions.

Hodges said she was not familiar with the event.

The House of Representatives also rejected an amendment by D-Bogalusa, Congressman Malinda White, who expanded what was being taught about the history of women’s suffrage.

“Looking around today, we haven’t come that far, but we’re here,” said White, a reference to a man-dominated house.

White’s fix failed on 44-47.

Hodges is a sponsor of House Bill 352, a second bill that details new topics for public school students to learn about American history and the public.

Discussions on that measure are scheduled for Wednesday.

Vote for guidance on the history of World War II and the Holocaust (66): Speakers Schexnayder, Reps Adams, Amedee, Bacala, Bagley, Bishop, Bouriaque, Butler, Carrier, Coussan, Crews, Davis, Deshotel, DeVillier, DuBuisson , Echols, Edmonds, Edmonston, Emerson, Farnum, Firment, Fontenot, Frieman, Gadberry, Garofalo, Geymann, Goudeau, Harris, Hilferty, Hodges, Hollis, Horton, Huval, Illg, Ivey, M. Johnson, Kerner, Mack, McCormick, McFarland, McKnight, McMahen, Miguez, G. Miller, Muscarello, Nelson, Orgeron, C. Owen, R. Owen, Pressly, Riser, Romero, Schamerhorn, Schlegel, Seabaugh, St. Blanc, Stefanski, Tarver, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Billio, Wheat, White, Wright, Zeringe.

Vote for HB416 (32): Reps Brass, Brown, Bryant, Carpenter, Carter, G. , Carter, R. , Carter, W. , Dupresis, Freeman, Freiberg, Gaines, Green, Hughes, James, Jefferson, Jenkins, T. Johnson ,, Jordan, LaCombe, Landry, Larvadain, Lyons, Marcelle, Miller, D., Minsey, Moore, Newell, Phelps, Pierre, Selders, Stagni, Willard.

Do not vote (7): Persons in charge Beaulieu, Cormier, Cox, Glover, Jones, Maggie, Marino.

House backs bill to mandate teaching Holocaust, World War II throughout high school | Legislature Source link House backs bill to mandate teaching Holocaust, World War II throughout high school | Legislature

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