House Bill aims to limit pet stores selling cats and dogs – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-02-25 23:11:17 –

Denver — The bill aims to limit the number of companies that sell cats and dogs.

House bill 1102 Introduced on Monday, it led to a hearing that lasted more than 4 hours.

Jenslasen, owner of Centennial’s Perfect Pets, said the bill is the latest attack on owners of small pet stores that sell cats and dogs.

“Last year we fought a bill trying to shut down all pet stores from selling dogs and cats,” Larsen said. “Now this year we are facing another bill. In my opinion, we are just trying to do almost the same thing. Let us go out of business.”

The law will prohibit new stores from opening and selling dogs and cats. According to hearing experts, there are 12 licensed pet stores in Colorado, and only 9 sell cats and dogs.

Under this bill, nine currently licensed businesses are allowed to continue operating. The bill also requires employers to publicly post breeder information and be transparent about pet costs.

Colorado lawmaker Monica Duran has sponsored the bill, saying it will help increase consumer transparency and protection.

“This bill ensures that villains can’t come to Colorado and deceive consumers with such misleading sales tactics and sickly abused animals,” Durand said.

Joan Thielen, a dam friends league animal shelter, said nonprofits are supporting the bill.

“Hopefully, this will allow new owners to get more information in advance and make more informed decisions, so they can keep their animals at home,” Siren said. Mr. says.

Larsen is against the bill. He said the owners are already following strict guidelines and must pass the inspection to continue the business.

“I will tell everyone my cell phone number when buying a dog. I have an A + on Better Business Bureau,” Larsen said. “I just want to see the choice of places where people can buy dogs.”

The bill means less competition in Larsen, but he said limiting where certain cat and dog breeds could be purchased would exacerbate the bad practices that were already happening and increase fraud. I’m afraid.

“Even if we leave, breeders sell dogs online, sell dogs from the backyard, Craigslist, and I think that makes things worse,” Larsen said.

According to a spokesperson for the Colorado Agricultural Department, current regulations do not transfer the licenses currently held by business owners selling cats and dogs, which are required by House Bill 1102. This basically means that when a pet shop owner retires, the business will retire. Will be excluded.

The committee will vote on the bill on Thursday.

House Bill aims to limit pet stores selling cats and dogs Source link House Bill aims to limit pet stores selling cats and dogs

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