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Washington (AP) —Democrats in the House of Representatives said on Tuesday that Donald Trump endangered the lives of all members of Congress when he aimed at a swarm of “loaded cannon-like” supporters at the US Capitol. He will be permanently banned from work after being convicted of making the most detailed allegations to date about why the former president should. Trump denied the allegations through his lawyer and called the trial unconstitutional.

The duel filing provides the first public glimpse of the debate presented to the Senate starting next week. The impeachment trial shows the violence in the Capitol that Senator directly witnessed last month and President Trump’s overall view.

Held in the very room where the rebels stood on January 6, many Republicans shattered Democrats’ demand for a final measure of accountability, contrary to the desire to turn pages and move on. Probably.

Mr. Trump’s second impeachment trial will begin in earnest on February 9.

Democratic statutory documents say Trump’s unfounded efforts to overturn the outcome of the presidential election blame “unmistakable” for actions that threaten the foundations of American democracy. Powerfully linked to a deadly riot in the Capitol. He insisted that he must be convicted of inciting the siege. And when “the horrifying members were trapped in the room” and “afraid they couldn’t survive” when they called their loved ones, it used stimulating words to remind them of the turmoil of the day. ..

“His actions endangered the lives of all members of parliament, jeopardized the peace of change and succession, and jeopardized our national security,” wrote the Democratic manager of the impeachment case. “This is exactly the kind of constitutional violation that justifies disqualification from the federal government.”

Democratic filings reveal plans to link Trump’s words to the resulting violence, and when he first said he would not accept election results last summer, his efforts to overturn democracy. And disputed the results in court, which he followed through the November contest and his many unsuccessful attempts. When these efforts failed, Democrats said, “He has become an inappropriate and abusive means of maintaining power,” by launching pressure campaigns specifically targeting state electoral authorities, the Department of Justice, and Congress. I turned my eyes to it. “

“The only prestigious path at that time was for President Trump to accept the results and admit his election defeat. Instead, he summoned mobs to Washington, invited them to frenzy, and Pennsylvania. I aimed like a loaded cannon down the avenue, “Democrats wrote in an overview on page 77.

The Democratic Party quoted Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger and his unsuccessful efforts to shake former Attorney General William Barr. The manager then wrote that Trump was “fixed” on January 6th. They say many of his supporters, including the Proud Boys, who Trump said in a September debate “stop and wait,” were already ready for violence.

“Given that, the crowd gathered on January 6th, of course, included a lot of armed, angry, and dangerous people, and President Trump actually tried to save America from an imaginary conspiracy. I was ready to trigger to make sure I needed to “fight”. “The Democrats wrote.

House briefs are more than five times as long as Trump’s submissions, with a focus on footnotes and citations, and hope the Democratic Party will be a detailed roadmap for convictions. In contrast, Trump’s legal team was more modest in filings that avoided being caught up in the drama and violence of the day.

Trump lawyers David Shane and Bruce Castor denied inciting the riots by challenging the election results and encouraging believers to “fight like hell.” They were allowed by the First Amendment to disagree with his loss to Democrat Joe Biden as a “suspect,” and in any case, now that Trump has left the White House, the trial is He said it was unconstitutional.

Trump’s lawyers challenged the democratic character of Trump’s remarks and his role in the riots, denying that he instigated it or that he endangered national security. When he told his followers to fight like hell, they said, he was talking about “general election security.”

Mr. Trump has not attempted to interfere with the counting of electoral votes, and it is customary to challenge voting submissions “under the process described in Congressional rules,” as has been done in the last few years. He said he only encouraged members of Congress to engage in a traditional process.

“The actions of the House of Representatives, in their opinion, were that the 45th President was free speech, and in fact, freedom of speech formed the backbone of all American freedom, the protection of freedom in which this great nation was established. It is clear that they are not enjoying it. ”The defense lawyer wrote a 14-page summary.

Trump’s legal team also presented a challenge to the constitutionality of the trial now that Trump has resigned. The claim may not be resolved immediately in court, but it may still resonate politically.

Republicans have suggested that they are likely to be acquitted, many believe Congress should move forward, and now that Mr. Trump has resigned, he is questioning the constitutionality of the impeachment trial. .. In a test vote in the Senate last week, 45 Republicans, including Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, voted in favor of efforts to dismiss trials on these constitutional concerns.

Nevertheless, the Constitution stipulates that disqualification from duty could be a punishment for impeachment convictions, and the Democratic Party has made it clear that it considers it a worthy purpose in this case.

“This is not the case when elections alone provide sufficient protection against future abuse. President Trump has attacked the election process itself, protecting him from President Trump and others trying to mimic his actions. Must be done, “the Democratic Party wrote.

After leaving the White House, the president was not tried, but the Democrats said there was precedent and impeached the 1876 Army Secretary, who resigned from his office in the last attempt to avoid impeachment trials. I’m pointing out. The Senate held it anyway.

The Democrats wrote that constitutional planners do not want to leave the country vulnerable to “betrayal of the president’s last day, abuse of power, breach of oath, incitement to rebellion against Congress and our elections.” .. He resigns. Setting that precedent now would “frighten the framer,” Brief said.

“There are no’January exceptions’ to impeachment and other constitutional provisions,” the Democratic Party wrote. “The president must answer comprehensively about his actions during his tenure from day one to the end.”


The Associated Press writer Jill Corbin contributed to this report.

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