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Washington >> House minority leader Kevin McCarthy today puts pressure on Congressman Liz Cheney and talks about “the ability to do her job” in insulting former President Donald Trump. Expressed concern.

McCarthy’s comment on the Fox News channel emphasized the continued grip that the former president has on the House Republican Party, even if it’s not growing. They also spotlighted the increasingly open division between McCarthy and Cheney.

Instead of standing by Cheney, McCarthy was essentially in the camp of Trump-supporting critics, as he did when he failed to expel her in February. His position with her critics and their increasingly candid attacks suggest that her retention of her leadership work is at new risk.

“I’ve heard from members who are concerned about her ability to carry out her job as chair of the conference and carry out the message,” said McCarthy of R-Calif. “If we can win the majority, we all need to work together. Remember that the majority are not given. They are making money.”

McCarthy’s remarks accompany Republicans optimistic about the possibility of regaining control of the House of Representatives in the 2022 elections. Republicans believe there are mountains of problems such as border security and relaxation of pandemic restrictions used against Democrats, and want to focus on them rather than cracks within the party.

But between now and next year’s elections, Republicans have hurt the party and its nation by repeatedly and falsely claiming that the party’s Trump supporters and the presidential election last November were stolen from him. We must resolve the power struggle with those who believe in it.

The battle between Cheney and her critics stands as the epitome of that battle. It also puts the Republican in a nasty position trying to get the top women out of her post as the party seeks to erode the Democratic’s decisive dominance among female voters.

Asked about McCarthy’s comments, Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler said in a written statement: “This is about whether Republicans will perpetuate lies about the 2020 elections and try to whiten what happened on January 6. Liz doesn’t. That’s the problem.”

One of the top Republican lawmakers has further shown a split between the two Republican leaders, saying McCarthy urged Cheney to stop talking about Trump a few weeks ago. McCarthy, who gave a speech in support of her when a House Republican personally voted to keep her in February, explains an internal conversation on condition of anonymity that she will not do it this time. Said the aide who spoke for.

A vote to remove Cheney could take place next Wednesday, when Congressmen will meet next. House is not in session this week.

Potential candidates to replace Cheney include New York Rep. Elise Stefanik and Indiana Rep. Jackie Warolski, the aide said.

McCarthy was interviewed the day after Trump launched a new attack on his claim. Numerous state and federal courts and local election authorities have not found widespread evidence of fraud in the 2020 vote.

Trump critics called his claim a “big lie,” and he issued a statement attempting to claim Monica herself.

“From this day on, the fraudulent presidential election in 2020 will become known as a big lie!” He wrote.

However, Republican Cheney quickly counterattacked. She was one of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for her role in encouraging supporters’ attacks on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, and responded to Trump using Twitter on Monday. did.

“The 2020 presidential election wasn’t stolen. Anyone who claims that it spreads big lies, turns away from the rule of law, and undermines our democratic system,” she writes. It was.

In response to Cheney, Trump reiterated his desire to see her defeated by another Republican in the Wyoming GOP primary next year, saying that people in her state “did not like her very much.” Issued a new statement to insist.

Cheney has renewed his criticism of Trump at a donor event attended at the Conservative American Enterprise Institute in Sea Island, Georgia over the weekend, and anonymity to discuss it, according to people familiar with the situation, emphasizing the Republican rift. recognized.

“We can’t accept the idea that elections will be stolen. It’s a poison to our democratic bloodstream,” Cheney said in a comment first reported by CNN. “You can’t whiten what happened on January 6th or perpetuate Trump’s big lie. It’s a threat to democracy. What he did on January 6th is insurmountable. It’s a line. “

In another example of internal GOP tension, Cheney and McCarthy haven’t appeared together for weeks at a Congressional Republican leader press conference.

Another Trump enemy, Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney, jumped at Cheney’s defense. The party’s 2012 presidential candidate, Romney, was the only GOP senator who voted to dismiss Trump in both of his crackdown trials and was booed at a Utah Republican meeting over the weekend.

“Everyone in the conscience draws a line that doesn’t go beyond that. Liz Cheney refuses to lie,” Romney tweeted. “As one of my Republican Senate colleagues told me following my impeachment vote:” I don’t want to be a member of a group that punished someone for following their conscience. “

In February, dissatisfied with Cheney’s confrontation with Trump, conservatives overwhelmingly lost the House Republican secret ballot aimed at getting her out of leadership.

But over the last few weeks, Cheney’s continued willingness to speak up against Trump has sparked new criticism of her. She is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and, like him, is considered part of the Republican Party’s founding and is a natural target for the party’s Trump-supporting conservatives.

McCarthy told reporters that he defended her at a private meeting in February of the House Republican Party, which resulted in Chenny continuing to work.

“People can have disagreements. That’s what you can argue. Liz has the right to vote in conscience,” McCarthy said.

But McCarthy hit a completely different tone today. Republicans are concerned about the party’s message, which is part of the work of the third leader, he said.

“What is our best step towards being able to work together instead of attacking each other,” McCarthy said.

House GOP leader amps up pressure on Cheney over Trump barbs Source link House GOP leader amps up pressure on Cheney over Trump barbs

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