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The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives resolved on Monday to veto President Donald Trump’s defense policy bill.

The House of Representatives cast 322-87 votes to revoke the veto. This is well more than two-thirds that need to be disabled. If approved by two-thirds of the Senate, the override will be President Trump’s first.

Last week, Mr. Trump rejected the defense bill for failing to limit social media companies that claimed to have been prejudiced against him during the failure of the reelection campaign. Trump also opposes words that allow the renaming of military bases in honor of Confederate leaders.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), confirms a 3% salary increase for the US military and approves over $ 740 billion in military programs and construction.

Trump’s veto veto caused swift condemnation, which Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called “a phenomenal reckless act that hurts our military, jeopardizes our security, and undermines the will of the bipartisan parliament. I called it.

Senator Jim Inhof of the Senate Military Commission described the bill as “absolutely essential to our national security and military,” and “our men and women who volunteer to wear uniforms. It shouldn’t be. ” Denied what they need-by now “

Trump provided a set of rationale for rejecting the bill. He imposes restrictions on Twitter and other social media companies that claim he has a prejudice against him, as well as allowing military bases such as Fort Benning and Fort Hood to honor Confederate leaders. I urged lawmakers to get rid of the words. Trump also claimed without evidence that China was the biggest winner of the defense bill.

In a veto message, Mr. Trump said the bill limits his ability to implement foreign policy, “especially my efforts to bring our troops back home.” Afghanistan and Germany. The measure requires the Pentagon to submit a report certifying that the proposed withdrawal does not jeopardize US national security.

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate passed the bill with sufficient margin to revoke the president’s veto. Trump rejected the other eight bills, all in favor because supporters didn’t get the two-thirds of the votes needed in each meeting room for the bill to become a bill without Trump’s signature. it was done.

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed, a top Democrat on the Senate Military Commission, said Trump’s declaration that China got from the National Defense Bill was false. He also mentioned a change in the explanation Trump gave about the veto.

“From Confederate base names to social media liability clauses … from imaginary and easily refutable accusations about China, President Trump’s unreasonable and unreasonable excuse to reject this bipartisan bill. It’s hard to track down, “Reed said.

Reed vetoed December 23, “(Russian President Vladimir) Trump’s farewell gift to Putin and a lump of coal to our military. Donald Trump is from men and women who protect our country. Is more devoted to the name of the South Army base. “

Senator Adam Smith, chairman of the House of Representatives Military Commission, D-Wash, said Trump’s veto “revealed that he doesn’t care about the needs of our military personnel and their families.”

The bill guides the Pentagon’s policies and consolidates decisions on military levels, new weapons systems and military readiness, personnel policies, and other military goals. Many programs, including military construction, can only come into effect if the bill is approved.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell urged the passage of a defense bill in a rare break with Trump, despite the threat of Trump’s veto. McConnell said it was important to continue the nearly 60-year history of Congress passing a defense policy bill.

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House overwhelmingly votes to override President Trump’s veto of defense bill Source link House overwhelmingly votes to override President Trump’s veto of defense bill

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