House panel suspends state Rep. Sharon Har DUI inquiry – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-04-08 04:55:31 –

A special committee of the House of Representatives set up to investigate state legislature Sharon Ha Arrested on suspicion of drunk driving In February, the procedure was suspended until the criminal accusation was resolved.

Commission Chairman Dela O’Bellatti (D, Moiliili-Makiki-Tantalus) made a recommendation at a hearing on Tuesday and was unanimously approved by six members.

This delay means that the issue is unlikely to be addressed by Congress until it is convened in January, as this year’s Congress will be postponed in one month.

The Special Committee will consider whether Har is in breach of the House of Representatives Code of Conduct. If there is a final report and recommendation regarding the punishment, it will be submitted to Full House. Haar could potentially be blamed or suspended or dropped out by a two-thirds vote by Full House.

Hull will appear in the criminal court on April 20 for driving without insurance on suspicion of drunk driving.

Har (D, Kapolei-Makakilo) was arrested on the night of February 22 after being seen driving in the wrong direction on Honolulu’s one-way South Beretania Street. Police reported that her eyes looked red and glassy, ​​her speech was slightly obscured, and she smelled alcohol.

Har refused the DUI test and was arrested in the parking lot of the Territorial Savings Bank.

Har asked an officer in arrest if he “knows who she is” and said she would be the next governor, but “this would ruin her plans.” At one point he said, “Black life is important.” Officer report of the case.

In the case of Har’s drunk driving, she Helped strengthen Hawaii’s drunk driving practicesIncludes a two-year compulsory revocation of your driver’s license if you refuse to take a breath or blood test.

Har himself was the victim of a serious car accident 14 years ago when a 23-year-old driver crashed into her Mercedes on Fort Barrett Road. The driver had two cases of drunk driving before, was not allowed to drive, and faced a third drunk driving fee due to the crash.

The day after Har’s arrest last month, she announced a public apology saying she drank beer with dinner while taking prescription cough medication with codeine for upper respiratory tract illness. ..

The House internal investigation began after 11 members of the Democratic Party’s 42nd District Council, chaired by Mike Gorojutchi Sr., sent a letter to Speaker of the House Scott Saiki requesting an investigation into Har’s behavior. It was. Golojuch’s son, Michael Golojuch Jr., was unsuccessful against Har in 2014, but his father said earlier this month that the request was not a political motive.

Mike Golojuch Sr. His wife, Carolyn Martinez Golojuch, also submitted a request for investigation.

House panel suspends state Rep. Sharon Har DUI inquiry Source link House panel suspends state Rep. Sharon Har DUI inquiry

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