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Fresno, California 2021-02-27 06:52:51 –

Washington-President Joe Biden wins $ 1.9 trillion in pandemic bailout, despite top Democrats trying to assure excited progressives to revive a derailed drive to raise the minimum wage Approved the bill.

The new president’s vision of cashing out individuals, businesses, states and cities attacked by COVID-19 was passed early Saturday with almost partisan 219-212 votes. It sends large-scale measures to the Senate. There, Democrats appear to be enthusiastic about resurrecting the minimum wage boost, which could lead to a dispute over state aid and other issues.

The Democratic Party said the still sluggish economy and the lives of the lost 500,000 Americans demanded swift and decisive action. Republican lawmakers said they weren’t keeping pace with the public that polls were largely positive about the bill.

“I’m a happy camper tonight,” said D-Calif MP Maxine Waters on Friday. “This is what America needs. Republicans, you should join this, but otherwise we’ll go without you.”

The Republican Party said the bill was too expensive and that too little education would be spent immediately to reopen school soon. They say it was full of gifts to Democratic members like trade unions and poured money into a Democratic-run state they suggested they didn’t need it because their budget bounced back. It was.

“I say it’s bloated to my colleagues who say the bill is bold,” said Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy. “For those who say it’s urgent, they say it’s out of focus. For those who say it’s popular, it’s completely partisan.”

Moderate Democrats, Jared Golden in Maine and Kurt Schrader in Oregon, were the only two members to cross the party’s boundaries. The rapid partisan division confronts who will reward them for accumulating more federal spending to fight the coronavirus and revive an economy of over $ 4 trillion approved last year. Is causing.

The fight has also emerged as an early test of Biden’s ability to bring together the fragile parliamentary majority of his party-the 50-50 Senate, evenly divided with only 10 votes in the House of Representatives.

At the same time, Democrats were trying to find a way to relieve progressives who lost their top priority in the unpleasant retreat of the Senate on Thursday.

Elizabeth McDonough, a nonpartisan member of the Chamber of Commerce, said Senate rules require that the federal minimum wage increase be removed from the COVID-19 bill and leave life-sustaining proposals. .. The bill will gradually raise its minimum to $ 15 per hour by 2025, doubling the current $ 7.25 floor effective since 2009.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y, hoping to somehow revive his efforts. Is considering adding a clause to the Senate version of the COVID-19 Relief Bill, which penalizes large corporations that do not pay workers at least $ 15. For an hour, a senior Democratic aide who discussed internal conversations on condition of anonymity said.

This was in line with the idea that Senator Bernie Sanders, the chief sponsor of the $ 15 plan, and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Weiden would seek tax increases for companies that didn’t. Achieve a specific minimum wage target.

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also encouraged the increase in the minimum wage, calling it “the economic need for the family, the great stimulus for the economy, and the moral imperative for the country.” She said the House would “absolutely” approve the final version of the bailout bill because of its widespread interests, even if the progressive’s treasured goals were lacking.

Democratic leaders were keen to signal progressive and liberal voters not to give in to the minimum wage battle, but asked if there was Republican opposition and sufficient Democratic support. Therefore, their course was unclear.

Regarding Senator Democrats, Houseways and Means Commission Chairman Richard Neale (D-Mass.) Avoids asking questions about taxable companies that don’t raise wages and “hesitates to say nothing until they decide on a strategy.” Said.

Progressivists demanded that the Senate push the minimum wage up anyway, even if that meant changing the rules of the chamber and eliminating filibuster.

Progressive leader Pramila Jayapal of D-Wash said: “We need to reform filibuster because we must be able to do it.

Another prominent progressive, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, also said that Senate rules need to be changed, and when Democrats meet with their members, “tell them that this was not done. Not for unelected members of parliament “

Traditionalists from both parties, including Biden, who served as a senator for 36 years, oppose eliminating filibuster to protect the party’s interests when in the Senate minority. Biden said a few weeks ago he didn’t expect the increase in the minimum wage to survive the Senate rules.

Pelosi also seems hesitant to dismantle the Senate process, saying, “We will seek a solution that is consistent with the Senate rules and will do so soon.”

The House COVID-19 bill includes a minimum wage increase, so when the Senate discusses its version over the next two weeks, a real battle for its fate will take place.

The overall bailout bill will provide individuals with a $ 1,400 payment, extend emergency unemployment benefits until August, and increase tax credits for children and federal subsidies for health insurance.

It also provides billions of dollars to struggling industries such as schools and universities, state and local governments, COVID-19 vaccines and tests, renters, food producers, airlines, restaurants, bars and concert venues. I am.

The Democratic Party is promoting bailouts through Congress under special rules that can avoid Senate filibuster GOP proceedings. So if the Democrats are united, there is no need for a Republican vote.

You can also speed up the movement of the bill. This is a top priority for Democrats who want to put the bill on Biden’s desk before the latest emergency unemployment allowance ends on March 14.

However, those same Senate rules prohibit provisions that have only “accidental” effects on the federal budget, as they are driven primarily by other policy objectives. McDonough has determined that the minimum wage provision has failed the test.

Republicans oppose the $ 15 minimum wage target as a cost to hurt businesses and sacrifice work.


Associated Press writers Mary Claire Jaronic and Kevin Flaking of Washington contributed to this report.

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House passes $1.9T pandemic bill on near party-line vote, includes $1,400 stimulus checks Source link House passes $1.9T pandemic bill on near party-line vote, includes $1,400 stimulus checks

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