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House passes bill to avert shutdown and suspend debt limit though Senate passage is unlikely | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-09-21 22:00:00 –

(CNN)-The House of Representatives voted to pass legislation to prevent on Tuesday Government closed at the end of the month When Suspend national borrowing limitSet up a confrontation with the Republican Party, which claims the Democratic Party You have to act alone To stop the impending debt crisis. The party line vote was 220-211.

Government funding Set to expire on September 30thHowever, the House-approved interim bill will extend funding and keep the government open until December 3. In addition, the bill includes a suspension of debt restrictions until December 16, 2022. We support evacuees in Afghanistan.

The bill is currently facing a difficult battle in the Senate. By attaching to a funding bill that must pass a debt-restriction suspension, Democrats are essentially bold to vote against Republicans and cause closures.

It is not yet clear what will happen to Democratic Plan B if efforts to avoid a shutdown and suspend debt restrictions stranded in the Senate.

Even if the Senate Republicans block temporary funding measures that exceed debt limits, there may still be enough time to remove debt limits and pass independent spending bills to avoid closures. However, voting is dangerous near the closure deadline and may require mutual cooperation to handle the Senate’s expedited voting. It also leaves the debt cap issue unresolved and sets yet another flashpoint issue that Congress will address in the coming weeks.

Earlier on Tuesday, House leader Steny Hoyer left the door open for what the House would do if the Senate couldn’t hand over what the House sent before the government ran out of money next week.

“We send it to the Senate, give the Senate the opportunity to consider it, understand what they are trying to do, and they may send it back to us. At that point we may Is determined, but wants to pass the bill. “

Iron Dome funding raises progressive protests

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives was expected to pass a government funding bill, but leadership said a group of progressives wouldn’t vote for the bill if it included $ 1 billion in funding. Faced with last-minute problems. For the Israeli Iron Dome. The clause was then removed from the bill to ease concerns from progressives. Two sources involved in this process have confirmed with CNN.

However, the decision to remove funding has sparked backlash from other Democrats who opposed the move.

Later on Tuesday, Heuer said on the house floor that he would submit another bill later this week to fund the bill after it was removed from the final version of the bill that House is voting on Tuesday.

Heuer said he plans to suspend another bill. This means that you need to bypass the usual rules needed to pass the bill and pass a majority of two-thirds.

Democrats want to deal with debt restrictions on a bipartisan basis

Democrats argue that lawmakers must act on a bipartisan basis to deal with debt restrictions, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer said on Monday that the issue was a mandatory financing bill. Announced that it will be paired with.

“This week, the House of Representatives has passed a bill to fund the government until December of this year to avoid an unnecessary government shutdown that would harm US families and our economic recovery,” said a Democratic leader in Congress. It will pass. ” “The legislation to avoid government closure includes the suspension of debt restrictions until December 2022, again fulfilling our obligations and protecting the full trust and credibility of the United States.”

The clock is ticking to deal with debt restrictions. Congress may need to act until mid-October before the federal government can’t pay the bill.Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen urged Congress to raise debt caps The Wall Street Journal Editorial Sunday, It warns that if the United States defaults, it “could cause a surge in interest rates, a plunge in stock prices, and other financial crises.”

This story and headline was updated on Tuesday with additional development.

Correction: This story has been updated to correct the title of Chuck Schumer. He is the majority leader in the Senate.

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House passes bill to avert shutdown and suspend debt limit though Senate passage is unlikely | St. Louis News Headlines Source link House passes bill to avert shutdown and suspend debt limit though Senate passage is unlikely | St. Louis News Headlines

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