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Portland, Oregon 2022-05-18 22:41:57 –

((((Hill) – A few days after the president shot deadly 10 gunmen in Buffalo, New York, the House passed a bill on Wednesday, primarily along party lines, opening a domestic terrorist office throughout the U.S. government. I’m trying to establish it. Biden It is called “domestic terrorism”.

The bill, dubbed the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, was passed with 222-203 votes, with one Republican supporter leader and a vote on the bill.

The law specifically requires the establishment of a national terrorism office within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the FBI, which is tasked with monitoring and scrutinizing potential terrorist activities.

Voting for the bill was scheduled after lawmakers. Blood Schneider (D-Ill.), Legislative sponsor, Was called speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Bring the legislation to the floor. He pointed out that he shot at a grocery store in Buffalo on Saturday. Thirteen people were shot dead there, 11 of whom were black.

A suspicious shooter-identified as 18-year-old Payton Gendron in Conklin, NY-reportedly “Great alternative” theoryA racist, far-right plot that liberal elites are encouraging immigrants to replace white voters.

Some Democrats mentioned deadly shootings during discussions on the bill before it was passed.

“Here again, we’re rebounding from another horrific domestic terrorist attack. This week, a racially motivated shooting in Buffalo, NY was carried out by white supremacists,” said Veronica (D-Texas). ) Said on the house floor.

manager Chip Roy The (R-Texas) housefloor bill said it was about “empowering federal bureaucrats targeting Americans.”

“This is nothing more than empowering the federal government to crack down on the ideas and speech of the United States. We should totally oppose it,” he added later.

The bill was initially scheduled to go through a rapid process at the end of last month, but Democratic leaders withdrew it from the calendar after some progressive lawmakers opposed the bill.

Schneider told reporters Monday that the bill had been adjusted to state that it did not prejudice the rights of the First Amendment. Previously it was passed by voice vote in 2020.

The bill calls for the establishment of a domestic terrorist unit at the DHS Information Analysis Bureau, which is tasked with monitoring and investigating domestic terrorist activity, in addition to the domestic terrorist office in the DOJ’s Department of Homeland Security’s Counterterrorism Section. increase. Investigate and prosecute domestic terrorist incidents and contact the Citizenship Department for events that may be considered hate crimes.

The bill also encourages the establishment of a domestic terrorism department in the FBI’s counterterrorism department, investigating activities related to domestic terrorism.

House passes domestic terrorism bill in mostly party-line vote Source link House passes domestic terrorism bill in mostly party-line vote

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