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House passes PUMP Act that would expand breastfeeding accommodations for working mothers – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-22 23:03:43 –

Washington (NEXSTAR) —The House of Representatives passed a bill on Friday to expand breastfeeding accommodation for working mothers.

Providing emergency mother protection to breastfeeding mothers or the “pump” law provides access and protection to working mothers if the employer does not provide accommodation or reasonable breaks for breastfeeding. To do.

Currently, 9 million working women are not protected by federal law permitting breastfeeding at work

“Currently, agricultural workers, transport workers and teachers are excluded from federal protection of nursing staff,” said US House of Representatives Bobby Scott, Virginia.

Scott states that it can be fixed by providing emergency mother protection to breastfeeding mothers.

The bill ensures that all women have clear breaks and clean private spaces for nursing at work.

“These basic accommodations allow breastfeeding mothers to balance work, health and baby health,” Scott said.

“This bill is a flawed plan, a broad mission, and more harmful than good,” said US Congressman Virginia Foxx, R, North Carolina.

Virginia Foxx, a Republican in North Carolina, said the bill would put a strain on small businesses.

“We must not saddle a company with strict policies that expose it to legal action,” Foxx said.

Texas Republican Beth Van Duin said some companies do not have space for a designated pump area.

“The workplace is not a panacea. It is important that the laws in this area remain flexible,” Van Duyne said.

Republican co-sponsor Jaime Elera Butler, a member of the House of Representatives, argued that the bill only guarantees that existing legislation applies to everyone.

“I’ll make it clear, this is a business-friendly bill,” said Herrera Butler. “For those who think we’re rocking the planet and doing something entirely new, it’s actually the current law.”

The bill is now heading to the Senate for voting.

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