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House Speaker Clay Schexnayder just suffered a big defeat in showdown vote. What’s his next move? | Legislature – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Where does Clayshex Nader go from here?

Louisiana’s Speaker of the House defeated catastrophically in a confrontation vote on Wednesday after failing to rally enough lawmakers to veto Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto on a bill targeting transgender athletes. After having a veto, I am facing the problem.

R-Gonzales’ Schexnayder, with 67 out of 68 Republicans and one Democrat, has two-thirds of the majority needed to pass the bill over the governor’s opposition. It took two more votes to reach it.

Inadequate results have caused a collapse of Republican-led efforts to overturn any of the other 20 bills approved by lawmakers during regular legislative sessions but rejected by the Democratic governor.

Currently, Schexnayder is under intense pressure from one Democrat and the other conservative Republican. Schexnayder vibrated between both during his 18 months of power, during five regular and special legislative sessions.

On Monday, Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayer made a bold prediction: he would be “100% comfortable” and vote in the Louisiana House of Representatives …

The Democrats want to continue the alliance he has formed with them and the moderate Republicans who elected him chair in January 2020.

But a group of more conservative Republicans, including GOP state chair Louis Grubic, are demanding a break from the Democratic Party. They voted for Edwards and opposed Shexnider over the failure of the override. And govern in a more partisan way.

Eras’s Blake Miguez, chairman of the House Republican Caucus and leader of a more conservative faction, said:

The course Schexnayder takes will have a significant political impact on the next battle faced by Louisiana political leaders. This is an effort to change the constituency as lawmakers redraw the legislative boundaries that will come into force over the next decade.

The final design of the new district-and whether Republicans will win a majority in both the House and Senate, or Democrats will create some more competitive districts-will the rest of the state’s gun control be weakened? Please, you may decide the amount of people to pay with taxes, how elections are held, and dozens of other issues.

Democrats and most Republicans say that failure to override will likely force Republican-controlled legislatures to design new legislatures, parliaments, and other constituencies that will be accepted by the Governor. I am.

“Clay is weakening. Why couldn’t he? He declared he was 100% confident that he had voted,” said Baton Rouge political consultant Bernie Pinsonato.

Schexnayder issued its 100% statement the Monday before the state legislature was first convened to overturn the governor’s veto.

Schexnayder also needs to decide in the next few days whether to punish three lawmakers who believed he was on his side when he predicted that he would have the 70 votes needed to invalidate the governor on Monday. there is.

These three representatives are: Chad Brown, D-Plaquemine. C. Travis Johnson, D-Bidalia; Roy Darryl Adams independent of Jackson. All three voted to maintain the governor’s veto on a bill prohibiting transgender girls and women born as men from competing in girls and women’s sports.

When asked if he would punish them, Schexnayder replied by email, “I think we’ll see some changes in the near future.”

Speaker of the House Clay Schexnay said shortly before the vote on Wednesday, the Louisiana House of Representatives was confident in invalidating Governor Joe …

Schexnayder, 52, was a third-semester man who didn’t attend college and was eventually an auto mechanic who owned his own store.

Senator Page Cortez, R-Lafayette, does not oversee the painstaking room. He collected the 26 votes needed to invalidate Edwards on Tuesday’s transgender bill, but the Senate has 27 Republicans, one more than necessary, while the House of Representatives has two. There is a shortage of Republicans.

Senator Gerald Budo of Lafayette, who chairs the Senate Democratic Party, said he had worked with the Democrats without raising the Republican hackle during his tenure, but Tuesday’s party vote did not change those dynamics.

“We haven’t seen any change in our whereabouts,” said Boudreaux. “We were on many sides, but never downplayed our side.”

A brief history lesson may help you to understand Schexnayder’s current position.

For the first 40 years after the public approved the 1974 State Constitution, the governor ruled the highest in Baton Rouge. They exercised so much power that they were able to specify who they chose to be the Speaker of the Senate and the Speaker of the House.

State Senator Ronnie S. Johns, R-Lake Charles, was appointed by the Governor to chair the Louisiana Gaming Control Board on Friday and then resigned …

But after being elected governor in 2015, it turned into a surprise for Edwards. He tried to force Democrats as speakers, but Republicans, who occupied the majority of the seats, chose one of their then-members. Taylor Barras in New Iberia.

Edwards refused to support the Democratic Party after the 2019 reelection. With a majority of 53 votes, Shexnider beat the other Republicans with the support of 35 Democrats, 23 Republicans, and two independents. 60 in total.

The speaker is more than any of the other 104 members of the House of Representatives to decide who will chair each legislative committee, who will be a member of each committee, and which bill to consider each day. Much more powerful. After the election, Shexnider used his power to reward the Democratic Party by awarding five committee chairs. A conservative Republican complained, but couldn’t do anything because the speaker candidate lost.

During its regular and special session in 2020, Shexnider oversaw a legislative compromise with Edwards, who gave the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce a bill aimed at reducing auto insurance premiums, which is a top priority. , Satisfied Republicans and Democrats.

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In October 2020, Schexnayder supported the conservatives of the House of Representatives and attempted to overturn the governor’s pandemic order. That effort has failed.

During a regular session ending in June, Shexnider was a legislative black man of the All Democratic Party by suspending Congressman Ray Galafaro as chair of the school board after Galafaro made some racist moves. Supported the executives. Schexnayder was able to quell racial conflict and vote in the House of Representatives for a tax bill backed by Edwards.

However, after Republicans reported growing opposition to Edwards’ veto against the transgender sports bill, Shexnider recently decided to take the lead by challenging Edwards and the Democrats.

Congressman just voted Senate Bill 156A hot button issue for conservatives who argued that it was unfair for transgender girls and women to compete in girls and women’s sports. Edwards and opponents of the bill said it would discriminate against transgender athletes and cause Louisiana to lose major sporting events.

Immediately after failing to vote on Wednesday’s house override, Scott McKay wrote on the conservative blog The Hayride: Concise and simple. “

Like many in Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards remembered Sunday when Edwin W. Edwards was the center of politics …

That same day, Louis Grubich accused Kenner Joe Stagni, one of the Republicans who voted for the governor, and told Shexnider, “All Democratic Committee chairs are Republicans who are members of the Conservative Caucus. I asked the members to replace it immediately. If this did not happen, it would require a broader conversation about how the House of Representatives operates. “

Shreveport Rep. Sam Sorbo, who chairs the Democratic rally, said retaliation against Democrats was wrong and that his caucuses still supported the speaker.

“Attempts to elicit retaliation against any of the Democrats will destroy the relationship between Democrats and speakers,” Jenkins said, a move that conservative Republicans expelled him and made his own. He added that it would leave Shexnider vulnerable to setting up a caucuses. As a speaker.

D-Baton Rouge, chairman of the Legislative Black Presidium, wonders what Shexnider will get by trying to re-invalidate the governor by dumping Democrats as an ally. He pointed out that there were only 68 members.

“I don’t think it helps them turn 70,” he said.

James added that he did not believe in Shexnider and his key lieutenant, Congressman Tanner Maggie, R-Houma. Paula Davis, R-Baton Rouge; John Stefanski of R-Crowley wants to oversee a bipartisan home.

“They have a different perspective than the conservative Caucus,” James said.

Maggie refused to predict what Shexnider would do next, but “I’m not going to pay attention to what Louis Grbić says. External voices don’t affect our decisions. . “

Schexnayder said Edwards won Wednesday, but not after considerable effort.

“The governor has spent a lot of political capital on this vote. Let’s see how it works in the next two years,” he wrote.

Following Wednesday’s vote, Congressman Francis Thompson may be in a hot seat in his party after breaking up with 32 other Democrats to vote to invalidate Edwards. I’m a Democrat.

In an interview, Thompson said he called the governor a “dear friend” and supported his district. This is usually a sufficient explanation for other members of the Diet. Thompson, Delhi, is a district in northeastern Louisiana that was formerly represented by the Republican Party and represents the district that President Donald Trump overwhelmingly supported in 2020.

Of the three who could cross Schexnayder, Chad Brown said he was aware that the speaker could remove him from the chair of the insurance committee. But Mr Brown said he had never voted for either Shexnider or Edwards.

“The last conversation with him (Schexnayder) was to consider his requirements,” Brown said.

C. Travis Johnson did not respond to the request for an interview.

Roy Darryl Adams admitted that he had told Shexnider to vote with him.

“I disappointed him,” Adams said. “I lied to him.”

Adams said he received the information that caused him to oppose the bill shortly before the vote, but refused to explain it.

“I learned a valuable lesson about revoking this veto,” Adams added. “When you give your word, you have to stay in your word. If you don’t mean it, don’t give your word. Vote every day since you got the veto. I hate disabling. “

Adams said he would vote for the transgender opposition bill when it was re-raised during a future legislative session, with some adjustments.

If Edwards exercised his veto, Adams and Republicans would probably get only one vote away from invalidating him.

“It’s never over,” said house majority leader Migez.

House Speaker Clay Schexnayder just suffered a big defeat in showdown vote. What’s his next move? | Legislature Source link House Speaker Clay Schexnayder just suffered a big defeat in showdown vote. What’s his next move? | Legislature

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