Houston Methodist employees fired or resigned over COVID vaccine – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-06-22 20:43:31 –

After the June 7 deadline, unvaccinated employees were suspended for two weeks and then dismissed.

Houston — Over 150 employees in the Houston hospital system COVID-19 vaccine Dismissed or resigned Judge dismissed employee proceedings It exceeds the vaccine requirements.

Spokesman Houston Methodist System 153 employees said they either resigned during the two-week suspension or were fired on Tuesday.

Earlier this month Federal judge dismissed proceedings Submitted by an employee beyond the requirements.

This is a story that has become a national headline. Employees who have not been vaccinated by June 7 will be suspended unpaid for two weeks and will be dismissed if they are still not vaccinated.

KHOU11 first reported on Jennifer Bridge Back in april.. A Houston Methodist nurse said that none of the COVID vaccines available were fully approved by the FDA and do not need to be obtained.

Each vaccine in use has an emergency permit for use during a pandemic.

In a proceeding dismissed earlier this month, Bridges and 116 other employees alleged that they were forced to participate in clinical trials because they were required to be vaccinated with COVID-19. They said it was experimental and should not be a requirement.

“This claim is false and irrelevant,” Judge Lin Hughes of the US District Court dismissed the proceedings. “Bridges claims that if she is dismissed for refusing to inject the vaccine, she will be unfairly dismissed. The safety and efficacy of the vaccine are not considered in the ruling in question.”

Hughes goes on to say, “Texas law only protects employees from being dismissed for refusing to impose criminal penalties on workers.”

You can do it Read Dismissal Here..

Houston Methodist Japan’s first hospital system Require health care providers to be vaccinated with COVID-19. Mark Boom, CEO of Houston Methodist, said nearly 25,000 employees were fully vaccinated when the proceedings were dismissed.

Employee lawyer Jared Woodfill said he will soon file another proceeding at the state level.

Houston Methodist employees fired or resigned over COVID vaccine Source link Houston Methodist employees fired or resigned over COVID vaccine

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