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Riverside, California 2022-05-15 22:43:33 –

Investigators said the shooting took place after 1 pm, shortly after a group of men was involved in a dispute at a flea market in northern Harris County.

Harris County, Texas — Two men were killed and three were seriously injured on Sunday after a shooting at a crowded flea market in northern Houston. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez..

The shot rang at a nearby flea market after 1 pm 8720 airline drive..

HSCO said Two men were sentenced to death on the scene, and the other three were taken to a local hospital in danger. Investigators said they believed that all five were involved in the uproar leading up to the shooting. Officials said They all seemed to be in their early to mid twenties and probably knew each other. They do not believe the shooting was random.

They also said the other two could be detained and involved in the scene.

Gonzales said the flea market was very busy, but bystanders were never injured. He estimated that there were “thousands” there when the shot was fired.

“It’s very tragic that this happens. There are a lot of people above and below the airline trying to enjoy the flea market, eat something, drink something.” HCSO spokesman said.. “I am very worried. We are always concerned about the safety of our citizens, but we continue to work and protect our citizens.”

According to Gonzales, two pistols were found on site.

Investigators said there was a surveillance video of the case, but they haven’t found a complete video. They also said that witnesses to the shooting were limited because people were scattered when the agents arrived at the scene.

Here is an update from the shooting site:

Family identifies victims

Yeraldi Romero said her brother, 29-year-old Juan Romero, was shot dead and her cousin, 19-year-old Adrian Romero, was injured. She called her to tell her the police and said she hurried to her scene.

When she appeared, she said she had done CPR to Juan, but he had no pulse.

“My brother and I came here in a hurry. We gave him CPR and had him in my hands. The officer asked me (asking),” Does he have a pulse? He had no pulse. “Yeraldi said.

She said her brother was enjoying his holiday work at the flea market with Adrian. She said he usually goes to the flea market on Sundays.

Jeraldi said Juan was a loving, happy man who could make people laugh at any time.

“I really want justice for my brother. No one has the right to take the lives of others. This is very sad,” Yeraldi said. “He didn’t like guns at all … violence … nothing like that. My other brothers like guns, but he wasn’t that person.”

Yeraldi said Juan has left his parents and four young siblings.

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