How about having Kamala Harris as “Momala”? We asked her stepchild.

Ella: Yeah, I write all the emails: “To Mom and Doug”.

How was it when your parents broke up?

call: There was a time when I called myself “Palazzo Crew”, but I don’t know how many years it was. When Doug moved, he moved to this apartment complex called Palazzo.

Ella: It was definitely a real bond for the three of us. And I think we have that feeling. We went through a random apartment and understood the dynamics that it was only us.

call: There was definitely a lot to do for everyone involved. Ella was in elementary school. I was a junior high school student. I went there almost every night and sometimes bought sandwiches for dinner at the Whole Foods deli counter next to my house. And Doug said, “I need to eat better.” So we tried to cook — and Kamala turned Doug into a really good chef — but there was a time when Doug thought he was a great decision. He said, “What if I order a ready-made meal that can be heated once a week?” But this seemed like a Craigslist type situation, as it was before Farmbox or something. So we would have these tapperware like a random spaghetti dyed red that someone brings home-and he would be like “homemade supper, everyone!” ..

How do you think he adapts to Washington?

call: Everyone loves him because I think Doug is a little chameleon. Similarly, he fits in any room.

Ella: He is a good speaker.

call: Considering everyone, Doug seemed to be born randomly for this.

Your dad has never worked, right? What do you think it will be for him?

Ella: I hope he adopts another hobby. I hope he, like me, will start knitting. I think it’s a good time for him to slow down. But I don’t know, thank you for your life. And take advantage of many things he couldn’t do because he was doing too much work or because of time constraints. Hope it opens up some of those creative exits, but obviously it’s just me, the creative kid.

Did you think your family was different, or especially evolved and growing?

Ella: We thought the divorced parents were a close family. Like it wasn’t crazy. That was what I wanted to be the standard. We thought it was good compared to many others I saw with my divorced parents. So I was really lucky.

How about having Kamala Harris as “Momala”? We asked her stepchild.

Source link How about having Kamala Harris as “Momala”? We asked her stepchild.

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