How Amazon Photos Got Excessive With COVID-19: Jeff Kagan

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Share two different stories with you and listen to your opinion. A story brought a smile to the user. Another tear. This is how Amazon Photos sends photo albums to users who have them on their site. Some photos show COVID-19 and even dying photos. This was not requested by the user. Find out if Amazon Photos invades your privacy and hurt your customers.

I’m not saying that Amazon is a bad company. It may be myopic. Bad, no. In any case, this is a real issue that needs immediate attention from Amazon Photos executives.

The first real question is this: Who gave Amazon the right and permission to infringe on your personal privacy? Amazon Photos uses AI to collect, create, and present photo albums for an event or user’s time period.

This sounds like something that users will love. And most do. However, not all users are the same. Many photos are for recording events and times, whether happy or sad.

Some events, such as the death of a beloved relative or close friend COVID-19, are undoubtedly no no. Some may think that AI should be able to identify when sifting photos. But that happens.

After a time when we had a lot of COVID-19 dead, many users don’t want to be noticed or shocked by photos of dead relatives and friends coming out of nowhere. I will.

How Amazon Photo, Apple Photo, and Android Photos Hurt Users

This issue may not be unique to Amazon Photos. It may also come with Apple Photos on iPhone and iPad, Android Photos on smartphones and tablets, and other similar services running Android.

For ten years, I had never received the music or photo production of my deceased father lying in a hospital bed. Maybe it was because there wasn’t a photo service like today. I’m glad I couldn’t handle it because it was too cruel.

Today, Amazon Photos sends this to users, who are still dealing with the wave of losses. This is wrong.

Artificial intelligence creates Amazon Photo production

These photos are not selected or approved by humans. Instead, these companies use artificial intelligence to create photo albums, set them in music, and email them to their customers.

Two of these examples I’m talking about are pictures of a loved one struggling with Covid-19 and then dying. One party loved it and was happy to get it. Others hated it and were both a reminder of privacy invasion and loss. Both cried.

This Amazon Photos practice sounds good to receive, but in reality, for many, it can be very hurtful, unwelcome, and unfortunate surprises.

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What gives Amazon Photos the right to invade privacy?

What gives Amazon Photos and other photo services the right to use AI for your photos, that is, the right to see your property without your permission?

Perhaps the very long terms of use used by most companies give permission, and are very few users actually reading it?

It doesn’t really matter, doing this may make some people happy, but it may also be very upset for many others. That is important.

This shocking practice violates customer privacy. It breaks the trust between the company and its users.

Invading privacy without the user’s permission destroys the relationship

Therefore, companies should not do this. Limit. It instantly destroys the relationships and trust they have built with their customers over time.

Unless this is clearly disclosed and the customer gives permission, this practice is simply wrong at all levels. And something that should be stopped immediately.

At the very least, it must be an opt-in feature that the customer must choose. That’s not enough, as customers may opt in before the crisis and dislike it when they get a photo album.

I don’t think Amazon is a bad company, but it may be a big and uncaring company. No matter which group made this decision, I thought it might be good marketing, but I didn’t think I would see it from the customer’s point of view.

AI can be a double-edged sword

There are many great companies that use AI, IoT, the cloud, and more to create great technologies. That’s nothing wrong.

AI that is used correctly only advances our society. AI used without the human brain can be dangerous and harmful without your knowledge.

Something needs to be done immediately to fix this problem before more people are hurt and more tears are shed.

Not all photos are happy memories. From time to time, users may want to capture a very sad moment in their life just to document it.

So, although I like and respect, there are areas that need to be untargeted and fixed as soon as possible. This is a matter of respect for users and customers … in this case, rude.

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