How big companies are reacting to delta variants

Large companies are rethinking their plans as the coronavirus spreads nationwide, hospitalizations increase again, and public health officials warn that delta variants pose new risks to vaccinated people. increase.

Some are delaying plans to bring workers Return to the office, And others are restoring customer mask requirements. Last week, after postponing such steps for months, some imposed vaccination obligations.

The decision to require the vaccine was approved on Sunday by the director of the National Institutes of Health. Talk about CNN’s “State of the Union” Dr. Francis Collins Asking employees for vaccination and routine inspection certification is a “right way” step, he said.

Here’s how some big companies changed their plans in late July:

  • Lyft Postponed the return date from September to February, Google The telecommuting policy was extended to mid-October, Apple Employees said they were not expected to return to the office until October 1, at least a month ago.

  • Uber said employees don’t have to return until October 25th instead of the first September date, which could be further delayed as cases continue to grow.

  • Twitter has closed its offices in San Francisco and New York and has stopped resuming plans with no timeline.

  • The New York Times Company also informed employees that it would postpone its planned return to the office indefinitely and notify employees four weeks in advance before the expected return. The company, which employs about 4,700 people, planned to return workers at least three days a week in September. The office will remain open for those who want to participate voluntarily, with proof of vaccination.

  • Endeavor, the parent company of William Morris Endeavor Talent Agency, has closed its recently reopened office after Los Angeles County. Re-imposed the duty of the indoor mask.. An Endeavor spokesman said the company decided that it would be too difficult to enforce and hinder group meetings.

  • Equinox, a luxury fitness company that includes SoulCycle, has a one-time proof of vaccination (physical immune card, immune card photo, or digital vaccine) for its members and employees to enter the Equinox club, SoulCycle, on Monday. I said I need to show my card). Studio or corporate office starting in September in New York.

  • WalmartThe largest private employer in the United States, with about 1.6 million workers, said that employees at headquarters and managers who traveled to the United States would be required to get the vaccine. This obligation does not apply to many of its employees, including employees of stores, clubs, distribution and fulfillment centers.

  • The Walt Disney Company said its site salaries and non-union hourly US employees must be fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated workers already in the field have 60 days to get immunity, and new employees must be fully vaccinated before starting work.

  • The Home Depot said all employees, contractors and vendors need to wear masks in stores, distribution centers, offices, and customers’ homes and businesses. Also, please wear a mask. Loews also said that employees will need masks regardless of vaccination status.

  • Wal-Mart said it has reinstated masking requirements for employees in regions with significant or high transmission rates in the country. The company recommended wearing masks in these areas as well. Retailers have also doubled the compensation for vaccinated employees from $ 75 to $ 150.

  • Starting Monday, Florida-based grocery chain Publix will require employees to wear masks at all stores, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Apple said Employees and customers must wear masks Regardless of vaccination status in more than half of US stores. Apple said the store is determined by the coronavirus case rate in the area. Apple also told employees that they would need to wear a mask when at headquarters in the United States, whether or not they were vaccinated.

How big companies are reacting to delta variants

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