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How can I tell if my teen is okay?

According to Ali Mattu, a clinical psychologist in Northern California and creator of the popular YouTube channel. Cyc show, Teens and young adults Psychologically struggling Covid represents a greater proportion of their lives and is “greater in effect” than older generations.

Some adolescents become hypervigilance because he trained the adolescent brain to correlate quickly and to correlate where we go during a pandemic with the risk of major illnesses. I learned that. He said that young people act quickly on their emotions because our brains do not develop until their mid-twenties. For some, it means “anxious avoidance” and can manifest itself as a reluctance to leave the house. For others, it means a “overconfident approach,” which describes teens and young adults rushing to the party, unmasked.

Dr. Mattu said that the best thing parents can do for withdrawing teens and young adults is to support the development of four key skills. The first is “what you can do alone, such as getting things done or doing what you need to spend the day,” based on your family and cultural expectations. The second is the ability to seek help, become vulnerable, and seek help, such as sending emails to teachers on their own or contacting counselors and parents.

Third, “teens are really focused on their relationships with each other, so they have the ability to support their peers.” Often, the first person to know that someone is having a hard time is a companion. And the fourth skill is to “find connections with a larger community,” such as clubs, organizations, fandoms, religious groups, and anything else that creates meaning and purpose.

Things can go wrong when young people take steps to re-enter the world. Growth occurs when you overcome pain and try again, rather than avoiding a similar situation. Recently, my teenager asked me to drive her to meet a friend in downtown Chicago. “You can do this yourself,” I said. Her friend called us when she didn’t arrive. Our daughter was entering the correct address on Google Maps in the wrong city.

By the time we contacted her, she was lost on the highway and was hysterical and frightened. “I just want to go home,” she exclaimed. Our best friend, who lives near where she was, offered to drive out to meet her. My daughter swallowed her pride and accepted their help.

A week later, the daughter took a deep breath and returned to the highway to meet another friend. “This is you, it’s elastic,” I told her when she went out alone. “I couldn’t be proud.”

How can I tell if my teen is okay?

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