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Oakland, California 2021-02-23 07:30:01 –

Do we give liberal protesters a pass?

James Harris

During the year before the global closure and pandemic, the Auckland Board of Education was unable to repeat public meetings due to protests designed to disrupt and derail the democratic process. Not only did these acts deprive Auckland citizens of their rights, but the protests we experienced in 2019 were as unrealistic and incredible as the events that took place at the Capitol on January 6. did.

When Donald Trump and his Proud Boys have people of our class who are about discourse and dialogue and threatening our democracy, there is a place of violence in our society. How can I say that there isn’t?

Whether it’s the local school board or the US Congress, our beliefs aren’t allowed to decide when it’s okay to intimidate civil servants or hijack elected institutions.

I was a member of the Auckland Board of Education in 2019. At that time, parents were angry with the closure of their child’s school and declared that it was not a normal business, with a price to pay.

Others joined her when the last speaker began speaking during the public comment section of the meeting on October 23. Then, at the signal of the speaker, the crowd soared forward and began to jump over the barricade in front of the stage.

Before I knew it, eight school district police officers rushed to me and stopped the demonstrators from contacting board members, staff, and superintendents. One of the cops powerfully told us, “We need to take you upstairs.”

When we were taken from the stage to a safe place, I could look back and once again catch a glimpse of the destroyer rushing to our seat.

It wasn’t the first time. During a teacher strike earlier that year, when I tried to attend the meeting, I was surrounded by an angry crowd of about 300 teachers and their supporters and said there was no meeting today. “We barricaded the door, and your colleague is trapped inside,” said one.

This lasted for hours. The meeting was finally canceled and my board colleagues (two of the students’ board members) and their support staff were only taken to a angry mob, blocked, and shaken van. ..

These have been just a few of the actions taken by protesters against the school board in recent years. They appeared in my house many times and posted advertisements on the doors and cars of my neighbors. This is a tactic that has been repeatedly endured in recent years by officials elected in the Bay Area, especially Auckland and San Jose.

I think most of us are relatively liberal people who love the privilege of living in Auckland and the Bay Area. We call them informed.

How can we speak strongly to the thugs surrounding the Capitol, how can we call it treason, as it was, and against the same crimes at the local level? Can’t you speak strongly?

The people who surrounded us and barricaded the doors to prevent legislative gatherings, and those who came to my house, believed that my decision was detrimental to the well-being of their community. I was there. It’s the same thing that Proud Boys believed.

A group that struck our meeting, came to my house, posted my address on Twitter, and invited others in the network to use Twitter to violate our government system to the masses. You cannot point your finger at the Trump that you instructed to do.

How can we condemn Proud Boys, yet tolerate similar behavior by liberals? – East Bay Times Source link How can we condemn Proud Boys, yet tolerate similar behavior by liberals? – East Bay Times

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